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Karina Corden


Karina Corden, Owner of Bluebird Care (Wandsworth) says,


Having personally experienced entrusting the persons I love best in the world to the care and support of a stranger, I can fully empathise with the concerns my customers feel – as well as what a weight off their minds it is when they know they’ve got it right. I heard so many heart rending stories about bad care that I became determined to set up an organisation that would make a positive difference to people in the area I live in. Everyone has a basic right to be treated with compassion, dignity, warmth and respect and for every one person that receives good quality care, there is one less person potentially exposed to bad care. We are backed by Bluebird Care, the country’s market leader and foremost provider of care-at-home, renowned for its unrivalled commitment to providing high quality care for people who wish to stay in the comfortable surroundings of their own home. Fundamentally, this means that whilst we can maintain our ‘local’ company feel with a friendly personal service, we benefit from the backing and support structure of a respected and award winning national business with systems in place to ensure unparalleled standards of care which are constantly quality checked and maintained – something a smaller individual local business couldn’t hope to match. Quite simply, we deliver the very best and you can be secure in the knowledge that you’ve come to the right place.


Business Manager

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Registered Manager

I can’t imagine doing anything else!
I’m from Portugal where we have a strong sense of family and a genuine respect for our elders. In Portugal I worked for the Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s Society to develop a project within social nursing care and later on, in the Portuguese Social Services.  
I moved to the UK to both further my career and also reach more individuals with medium, high and complex needs, assessing patients in a Nursing Home and then a prestigious Live-In and Domiciliary Care setting before joining Karina and Neil at Bluebird Care. Along the way I met and married a lovely English gentleman called Paul who supports my work commitment and care goals.
It’s a pleasure to work alongside such like-minded people; sharing a passion for what we do and a commitment to continually grow and learn new things.  I’m not surprised we are known to be leaders in our field, rather than followers.  We share an almost ‘old fashioned’ Customer service approach – going above and beyond what is expected of us – something which is so often lacking these days.  It’s gratifying to change lives for the better.  Really listening and taking into account all aspects of the person’s life and how they want to live it and then making it happen.  Enabling them to live the life they want, no matter what their age, ability or circumstance.  This satisfies the fire in my Mediterranean heart!  I don’t think there can be a more rewarding career than this and certainly, I believe that, done in the right way, nothing is impossible!
I confess to being a bit of a workaholic however in my downtime, I love travelling.  I speak Spanish, Portuguese and French fluently and I’m currently working on perfecting my Italian!
Care is in my soul and my way to give light to life!


Customer Services Manager

I have worked in the care industry for many years.  Whilst I was originally office based, I decided I needed to better understand why I was doing what I was doing, so I trained as a care assistant. 

I can honestly say that working as a care assistant was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I felt it completed my understanding and I realised how important the work we do truly is.  I love being able to use my skills to help people, and that is why I am so happy now.  

Being a Customer Services Manager is a perfect fit.  It allows me to work with our customers to understand what they want, and gives me the authority to be able to deliver it!  I am delighted to say that I look forward to coming to work each day, something not everyone is able to say.


Care Coordinator

My career in care began when I visited a careers officer to discuss options. I explained that I was interested in helping people, and she told me about care work – something I had never even considered before but it peaked my interest instantly. 

I completed my initial training as a care assistant and began working in the community.  I found the work tough but extremely rewarding - I was hooked! 

I suppose what really sealed my fate was the day I visited one of my customers only to find smoke emerging from her home. I immediately called the emergency services and was instructed not to enter the building. I began banging on the windows and doors, and as I looked through the letterbox of the front door, I saw her stumbling through the smoke.  Because I had keys, I quickly opened the door and grabbed her out of the hallway. I shut the door behind me and fortunately she was unharmed. It was that evening, once I had returned home from work, that I realised I had saved someone’s life.  

Since that day I have never had a second thought about any other career.


Care Coordinator

I knew from a young age that helping and caring for people was what I wanted to do but I struggled to feel any spark in other organisations.  I have always wanted a role where I felt challenged and engaged and since joining Bluebird Care, I can say that I have finally found the role for me. 

Every morning, our Care Manager Sara greets us all warmly, exclaiming how happy she is to see us. It makes it feel almost like the office is one big family.  I answer the phone each day, speaking to carers and customers and work with Dona to co-ordinate their visits and I feel valued. I’m proud of the work that we do, and I’m able to go home each evening knowing that we’ve helped someone today. 

It is difficult to express in words how fulfilled I feel in my role, but I know now that I am doing what I have always wanted to do.

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