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Here are just a few of the people from our fantastic Bluebird Care Wandsworth Team:



Karina Corden, Owner of Bluebird Care Wandsworth, Clapham & Streatham says,


Having personally experienced entrusting the people I love best in the world to the care and support of a stranger, I can fully empathise with the concerns my customers feel – as well as what a weight off their minds it is when they know they’ve got it right. It was because I heard so many heart rending stories about bad care that I decided to set up an organisation that would make a positive difference to people in the area I live in. Everyone has a basic right to be treated with compassion, dignity, warmth and respect and for every one person that receives good quality care, there is one less person potentially exposed to bad care. We are backed by Bluebird Care, the country’s market leader and foremost provider of care-at-home, renowned for its unrivalled commitment to providing high quality care for people who wish to stay in the comfortable surroundings of their own home. Fundamentally, this means that whilst we can maintain our ‘local’ company feel with a friendly personal service, we benefit from the backing and support structure of a respected and award winning national business with systems in place to ensure unparalleled standards of care which are constantly quality checked and maintained – something a smaller individual local business couldn’t hope to match. Quite simply, we deliver the very best and you can be secure in the knowledge that you’ve come to the right place.


Registered Care Manager

Like many people, I switched my career to Health & Social Care after a member of my family had a very poor experience.  In this case, it was my grandparent who was in a care home.  My initial career started in solar energy design back home in Yorkshire but now I couldn't imagine working in any other sector. 


I moved to London with my partner and joined a small complex care company initially as a Field Care Supervisor and then Area Care Manager.  By studying independently at the same time, I ultimately achieved my goal to become a Registered Care Manager.


I feel lucky to have supported the people we care for across all levels from delivering care myself to operational management.   This has given me a huge insight and appreciation for the hard work our carers carry out on a daily basis, and the support our customers need to remain comfortable and safe in their own homes.


Living locally in Putney, I love the fantastic reputation Bluebird Care have and it’s a privilege to lead such a successful team.


Business Manager

A mum with 2 young daughters I initially joined the team as a part time administrator and then from there I was head of recruitment.  I’ve grown with this family company as my girls have grown up and I am now full time Business Manager. 


I’m still very much involved with our wonderful carers – many of whom have been with us for many years now– and I love seeing the journey they each take from the day they start working for us. 


I am also the person who speaks to those enquiring about our service, a role I take incredibly seriously.


I was once that person not knowing where to start and needing help for my own mum and I know just how scary and confusing the whole process can be.  I don’t want anyone to feel as overwhelmed as I did and so it’s a very personal thing for me that I give the very best advice I can. 


It’s a privilege to do what I do.


Customer Services Manager

I have worked in the care industry for many years.  Whilst I was originally office based, I decided I needed to better understand why I was doing what I was doing, so I trained as a care assistant. 

I can honestly say that working as a care assistant was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I felt it completed my understanding and I realised how important the work we do truly is.  I love being able to use my skills to help people, and that is why I am so happy now.  

Being a Customer Services Manager is a perfect fit.  It allows me to work with our customers to understand what they want, and gives me the authority to be able to deliver it!  I am delighted to say that I look forward to coming to work each day, something not everyone is able to say.


Live-in Care Supervisor

I have worked for Bluebird Care Wandsworth, Clapham & Streatham for many years.  Originally a part time carer I am now Care Supervisor.


I lead our Live-in care service and also run our Carers Partnership Wandsworth service which delivers respite support to people who care full time for family members. Both elements of my role are hugely rewarding and both make such a difference to others. 


Our visits can vary from an hour of support through to a full overnight stay, depending on the needs of the person.  We do whatever is required of us, whether its personal care, assistance with feeding and medication or just good old companionship.  For example, one of my customers loves Swing music and sport so we listen to Tony Bennett and chat about football and boxing.


I find what I do very rewarding and seeing what a difference it makes gives me a real sense of accomplishment.  Helping a customer live their life with care, respect and dignity is so important to me.


Our Care Manager gives ongoing dementia training and I have found I’ve developed my own strategies over time, to work better with customers suffering from it. For example, I find out what they liked in the past and share that interest with them.  Music makes a big difference to most customers as it brings back memories and gives them a sense of happiness that they might otherwise miss.


Doing this job has helped me grow as a person and I find I bond with my customers and I love knowing that the families trust me and can take the time out they need.


Before becoming a carer, I worked in retail but found it unfulfilling.  When I applied to Bluebird Care I had no professional care experience but had looked after my grandmother who had had two knee operations and that made me realise I wanted to help people who were in need.  Because I had a natural inclination to want to help others, the training they provided made it easy for me to fit into my role.


I love working for Bluebird Care, they are the best care company and so well run.  We’re like a close-knit family and I love that.



Customer Service Manager

My interest in care began at school where I studied Health and Social Care.  After continuing on to college and completing my NVQs, I began working in a care home. It didn’t take long to realise that working with people in a care home wasn’t for me – they should be in their own home. 

My great-grandmother unfortunately had a bad experience of care, and this made me want to prove that not all care is of a poor standard.  I began working as a carer for Bluebird Care and worked my way up.  I certainly feel I am fulfilling my ambition.  I am really proud of the work that we all do here and we are most certainly proving to people that high quality care is out there. 

I'm now Customer Services Manager alongside Agnieszka. It’s hugely rewarding making such a difference to others.  I truly enjoy my work, and am thankful to Bluebird Care for allowing me to do what I love.

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