Home from hospital

Short term support to aid recovery

Bluebird Care Home from Hospital is specifically designed to enable those who have recently either had a hospital stay or are recovering from an illness, accident or operation.

Very many thanks to you and your colleagues who have assisted D for the past two weeks. D's overall improvement has been truly remarkable and testament to the care and attention paid.

None of us relish going into hospital and it’s not always easy to bounce back again when we come home. 

It’s normal to feel vulnerable at these times – after all, we are at our weakest - but with the help and support of Bluebird Care Home from Hospital, you’ll speed up recovery and regain your independence and confidence more quickly.

Bluebird Care is the best and they are the reason that I have made so much progress. The girls are like my daughters or granddaughters and they continue to care for me like my relatives, that is the reason that I have made so much progress in my recovery.

Whilst our service is designed to work for everyone, when older person go into hospital, they can seemingly decline before our very eyes and we breathe a huge sigh of relief when we get them home again where they belong and they can start their road to recovery.

Our Home from Hospital service deals with normal daily practicalities, delivers encouragement and assistance with rehabilitation exercises.

They have truly enabled me. I have gone from a hospital bed to walking, washing, doing light housework – they have 'walked' with me at every step. They have had the training and patience to help me to regain my strength and confidence. They believed in me and matched my determination. The hospital wanted to discharge me to a care home with a plan for me to be bedbound. This agency have given me back some life and I am so grateful to them.

We want to say a huge 'thank you'. Isabel has been the best of carers more than we could have wished for. She has had the ability to quietly observe E and in doing so has created an environment for E that is safe and comfortable. Even cooking home made food for her. E's body has responded and is in the best shape she has been in for quite a while.

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