Night care

Our night care service provides flexibility, reassurance and support.

Flexible, reassuring night care

Bluebird Care Wandsworth night care is extremely popular and offers two levels of support .

Do you feel anxious at night or are you recovering from illness? 

Most grateful for amazing, beyond care support.

Are you are a carer for someone else and feeling sleep deprived or going away and needing someone to step in during the nights? 

Whatever the reason, we can help ….

Sleep-in care

perfect, simple solution for people, who require some reassurance and support at night.   

Our Care Assistant will sleep at your home and be nearby should you need them.  It could be enough just having that bit of companionship and knowing that someone else is with you in the house and that they are on hand for things such as toilet trips.  Your Care Assistant will not disturb you unless you need them.

It was soothing to know I had somebody sleeping at home while my husband was in hospital, I don’t like sleeping in an empty house!

Waking night care

Our Waking Nights service provides full support and care throughout the night

Our Care staff can monitor any changes in circumstances during the night and help you stay comfortable whilst you sleep. 

We can help with more complex needs associated with Dementia or End of life care or following an operation or accident.

Whatever you need, Bluebird Care can help….

My carer really looked after me.  I was really ill after my operation, I wasn’t able to sleep very well, needed the toilet all the time and also needed to have a snack in the middle of the night because my sugar levels dropped dramatically.  She would make me a sandwich, tea or whatever I asked for, without even batting an eyelid. Very helpful and useful service!

Call Alice to find out more 020 8877 4950

In our most recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, 100% of customers said they’d recommend Bluebird Care Wandsworth to family and friends.  Click here to read our full customer satisfaction report.


How to find the right care for you or your relative

1. Find your local office

Bluebird Care delivers care from locally based offices, find yours to start your care journey today.

2. Get in touch with us

Fill in our call back form or give us a call to find out how we can help you.

3. Assessment

We’ll come out to you to find out what you or your loved one needs to help stay independent at home.

4. Care team chosen & care starts

You'll be cared for by our specially trained team to support you to remain at home for as long as possible.

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