We're Visiting S.T.O.R.M

Published: 22/05/2019

On Friday, July 8th we will be visiting S.T.O.R.M, a charity dedicated to empowering people for a brighter future. to talk about to users of their Employment Services about Bluebird Care 

S.T.O.R.M. is a charity based in Wandsworth that was originally set up to help single mothers and women from abusive relationships to start a new life with hope for the future. They now also work with young people and mostly from areas with high levels of poverty and crime.

As part of their Employment Services, we will be going to visit them on Friday, July 8th to talk to the users about working for Bluebird Care.  We are dedicated to working within the Borough of Wandsworth and we know that many of the people who want to get onto the employment ladder need help to do so. .  We are dellighted to be working with S.T.O.R.M. and look forward to spending time with them this Friday.