Meaningful gift ideas for your loved ones receiving care.

The countdown to Christmas is on and the Christmas shopping will be commencing. Within this blog you will find useful information and inspiration on gifts to buy for your loved ones.

No one knows your loved ones like you do, but sometimes you need some inspiration on what to get. Choosing a nice meaningful gift is sometimes better than an expensive gift, you can personalise anything on this blog to suit your family and friends. Here are some thoughtful ideas if you need some extra gifts for your loved ones:


Comfort items

The best thing for your loved ones in care is to be comfortable and cosy in their homes, here are some ideas to keep your loved ones comfortable –

  • Blankets
  • Cosy socks
  • A dressing gown
  • Slippers
  • New pyjamas
  • Hand and feet warmers

A care basket

This is something you can really personalise to suit your loved one, this could include all the things they love, here are some ideas:

  • Their favourite scented candle (if safe)
  • Different types of teas, or their favourite tea/coffee
  • Body lotions of their favourite scent
  • A photo frame with their favourite photo inside
  • Their favourite sweets/chocolates/biscuits
  • A new mug to put their chosen hot beverage in

A memory journal/photo album

Theres nothing more important to your loved ones than memories, especially those with Dementia, you can remind them of their times and will cherish it forever. Within the photo album you can include:

  • Photos from family holidays
  • Photos from birthdays
  • Photos from holidays such as Christmas, Easter and more
  • Baby photos of their grandchildren, sons, and daughters
  • Any photo that will remind them of the good times in their life

Subscription services

When in care, it may be hard for your loved ones to leave their homes, so they will be inside majority of the time. Keeping them occupied with TV, music or podcasts will be something to keep them educated and entertained. Here are some subscriptions and why they’d be useful:

  • Spotify: they can listen to their favourite music, this is a huge boost of happiness for anyone, to go the extra mile, you could create a playlist full of their favourite songs. Also, Spotify includes amazing podcasts, this could be educating them, as well as a comedy podcast to make them laugh. Spotify includes family subscriptions which could be useful for you and your loved one. Apple music is also an honourable mention.
  • Netflix: What is more entertaining than access to all your favourite series or films, Netflix allows you to watch all your favourite things and all in one place, its very accessible and easy to use and is split in categories to avoid confusion. Disney +, Amazon Prime and Apple TV is also an honourable mention.
  • Hello Fresh: This is something that our carers can help with, Hello Fresh is a subscription that includes nutritional meals, and this service includes all ingredients needed to cook this with instructions. Not only does this encourage independence but this can also be a fun activity to do with your carer or family.
  • Audio book services: Your loved one may be into books but may not be able to read books, audio books will allow them to be able to chill and listen, we are aware some people may not be able to listen in, this is an idea if they aren’t able to see or hold up a book. Audible is a reliable audio book service.

Customised Gifts

Customised gifts are the best way to make a gift that little more interesting, here are some customisable gifts:

  • Customised mug with a photo or name on
  • Custom-made jewellery, this can be a jewellery with a photo in, jewellery with their name on
  • An engraved keepsake
  • Customised Calender with different photos on

Activity Kits

Its important to keep your loved one’s brains engaged, whether they’re being creative or concentrating. Herer are some brains engaging activities:

  • Knitting sets
  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Painting supplies
  • Arts and crafts
  • Lego

Time together

Spending time with your loved ones is a perfect Christmas present, this could be a day out. You could do:

  • Movie night – cinema tickets
  • A ticket to a show at a theatre
  • A walk amongst nature
  • An art gallery
  • Bowling, if able to.

Self-care experiences

Self-care is the best way to make someone feel renewed or energised, life is busy and sometimes a bit of relaxation goes a long way. Here are some self-care experiences to do:

  • Treat them to a spa day
  • A massage
  • Do a spa night at their home, provide face masks, light candles, and put on their favourite film.
  • Book them a hair appointment.
  • A manicure and pedicure

There are so many options of gifts for your loved ones, it’s important to get them something meaningful and important to them. If you have loved ones in care, think about their circumstances and see if there’s any gifts that may benefit them, for example, a photo album for someone with dementia as this may remind them of their past.

Most importantly, Christmas is not all about the gifts, this Christmas time a visit and time spent with family and friends is probably more important to someone receiving care.

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