End of life care in South Tyneside

You have the right to choose how you are cared for and where you spend the last days and hours of your life. For many people this will be to remain in your own home in familiar surroundings.

You have the right to choose how you are cared for and where you spend the last days and hours of your life. For many people this will be to remain in your own home in familiar surroundings. Bluebird Care South Tyneside provides essential domiciliary end of life care and support at home to enable you and your family to make this choice.

Macmillan research shows that, with the right support, 64% of people with cancer would like to die at home but only 30% currently do. Bluebird Care South Tyneside have supported 97% of our customers to die in their chosen place.

We provide end of life care for people in the later stages of life-limiting conditions such as dementia, cancer, organ-failure and more. We aim to support you and your family during this time and afterwards. Our end of life care service gives you emotional support and promotes a positive experience, ensuring your physical needs are met, pain and discomfort are minimised, and you can achieve the things that you want.

End of Life Care in South Tyneside

Planning ahead

We help you and your family to plan ahead so that with the right support you can choose how you are cared for. We take time to get to know you and your family better so we can develop a tailored end of life care plan that takes care of your emotional and spiritual needs as well as your immediate care needs. This ensures we deliver your care in a sensitive way, taking your circumstances, wishes and priorities into account.

This can be an anxious, difficult and confusing time for you and your family. We’ll ensure you and they are consulted, involved, valued and your family provided with the support that they need.


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Championing your end of life wishes

Our trained and caring end of life care workers have valuable life experiences, a passion for caring and will champion your healthcare needs and wellbeing. For them, end of life care is not just a job, it’s a privilege. Our care workers are fully trained in end of life care and are supported both internally and by the wider community to develop further knowledge and skills.


“I had been caring for my Dad and been his main carer for over two years as I didn’t trust anyone to be able to look after my Dad as well as I could. I had experimented with care companies in the past and not had good experiences. However, when my Dad got to the end of his life, I had to let others help. This is where Bluebird Care came in, they were completely different, they actually cared. The level of care, support and professionalism, surprised me. So much so, that after my Dad’s passing I realised that this is what I wanted to do, to help other families and people like me. Bluebird Care is different. That’s why I joined the Bluebird Care Team, and I am very proud of what I do and the company I work for.”

Bluebird Care South Tyneside care worker


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End of life care and support near you

Our Bluebird Care workers in South Tynesdie and nearby areas are dedicated to providing the physical and emotional/spiritual care of those needing end of life care in our area.

Our multi-disciplinary team will work with health professionals and other people who are involved in your care and support to manage your symptoms, maintain your dignity and keep you as comfortable as possible. This will include the engagement of local partners including Marie Curie, Macmillan nurses, district nurses and palliative care teams in planning and reviewing end of life plans.


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