Caring for someone suffering from dementia

Caring for someone suffering from dementia can be a stressful job and it can leave you drained physically and mentally.

Anyone can suffer from dementia and it can have devastating effects on friendships and families. The more support you can give someone suffering from dementia, the better life they can live, especially in the early stages.

Bluebird Care South Tyneside has pulled together some top tips for helping someone suffering from Dementia.

There are some really simple steps you can take to help someone suffering from dementia and these things are easy to carry out.


Always treat them with respect and dignity

It is best to focus on what the person can do, rather than what they can’t. Promote positive thinking and encourage them to complete tasks they are comfortable with.


Be a good listener and always have a friendly manner

Having patience is key. Support and accept that the person may be incorrect with certain things, but don’t always be so quick to correct them on everything.


Help out where and when you can

If you can make their life easier, do so. It may be cooking a meal or running an errand for them. Help reduce the daily stress they may encounter.


Check in on others as well

It is not just the person suffering from dementia who is effected. Their partner, children and grandchildren will be affected. It has an effect on everyone. Think of the support you could offer to them, can you do something to help one of them.


Rest and respite

Caring for someone with dementia can be stressful and demanding. Our care packages provide respite for family carers so that you can enjoy your time together.


Do your research and find out more

Understanding dementia and the things someone may be going through helps to make it easier to help someone suffering from dementia.



In the early stages, these are simple things which can make a huge difference. It can help to maintain their independence and comfort in their home. All of our Care Assistants are highly trained and experienced in dealing with dementia and do everything they can to promote an independent life at home.


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Caring for someone suffering from dementia can be a stressful job and it can leave you drained physically and mentally. Our dementia  home care packages are there to support you or your loved one to ensure the best support is available. 

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