Bluebird end of life carers and champions

Bluebird Care end of life care workers have valuable life experiences, a passion for caring and championing the healthcare needs and wellbeing of our customers.

Bluebird Care end of life care workers have valuable life experiences, a passion for caring and championing the healthcare needs and wellbeing of our customers. For them, end of life care is not just a job, it’s a privilege.

Much like our customers who have individual personalities and needs, our end of life carers have varied qualities and experiences. This helps us to match our customers with the Bluebird care worker most compatible with them.

While our end of life carers are varied, they all share the same qualities we look for in all our staff: empathy, compassion, understanding, sensitivity, independence, reliability, respectfulness and emotional resilience - qualities that are particularly valuable for our customers who need end of life care.


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Skills and experiences of our carers

All Bluebird Care workers providing end of life support in South Tyneside have completed the level 2 Palliative and End of Life care module as part of their QCF training and all our senior and supervisory staff have completed level 3.

Bluebirds are encouraged to develop their own specialisms, in line with the needs of the people they support. We are currently on course to have all staff in South Tyneside fully trained and achieve our Gold Standards Framework Quality Hallmark Award in end of life care by April 2020.


‘Staff were especially responsive and regularly went above and beyond to ensure people’s needs were anticipated and met with the utmost dignity and respect. Health professionals praised the skills of staff, especially for caring for people with complex needs.’

CQC Inspection Report, October 2019


What makes an end of life champion?

Being your champion means being there for you every step of the way. As your champions, we help families to develop the courage and confidence needed to support a loved one at the end of their life.

We have compassionate and supportive relationships with our customers and their families. We understand the personal challenges of delivering end of life care and ensure families are supported by directing them to additional services, from independent advocacy to making funeral arrangements.


“I started working with Bluebird Care after using them to care for my own mam at the end of her life. I was so impressed with the level of care shown by all the care assistants, they truly went above and beyond in supporting my mam as well as the family. It made me want to work for Bluebird Care.” - Bluebird Care Newcastle field care supervisor

Bluebird Care Newcastle field care supervisor


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