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9/10 Customers Recommend Bluebird Care

In our most recent customer satisfaction survey (Dec 2023), we received really positive feedback. 9/10 customers would recommend Bluebird Care Rushcliffe & Melton to a friend or colleague.


Christmas 'Elfie' 2023 Competition Winners

We are excited to reveal the fantastic efforts of the carers and customers who embraced the competitive Christmas spirit for our Christmas ‘Elfie’ Competition, now in its 7th year running.


Oliver McGowan Autism & Learning Disability Training

We have rolled out the Government’s Oliver McGowan Learning Disability and Autism Training, which was made mandatory for all health and care staff through the Health and Care Act 2022.


'The Spark' Customer Award

We’ve launched a new joint customer & employee award called ‘The Spark’ as part of our leading recognition programme. This gives us an opportunity to show our love and appreciation for our customers.


'Health & Wellbeing Check' service relaunch

We are delighted to announce the relaunch of our 'Health & Wellbeing Check' service, headed by our new H&W champion, Sara!


Unveiling the Power of Barrier Creams in Safeguarding Your Skin

In an era where skincare is paramount, the spotlight is turning towards a unsung hero - barrier creams. These products are proving to be the frontline defenders in the battle for skin integrity.


Smiling Matters: Oral Care

CQC Smiling Matters 2019 report revealed 6 recommendations for adult social care providers to implement in order to improve patient oral care. We are making progress!


The Community Safety Charter

Bluebird Care have signed the Community Safety Charter, which aims to take an active stance against crimes in public spaces, such as harassment, hate crime, and antisocial behaviour.


Shower Spaah Product Trial

Introducing the Shower Spaah, an innovative new product designed and developed by local inventor, Alan Somerfield, based in East Bridgford.


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