How much does Live-in Care cost?

The cost of live-in care varies dependent on each person, their care and support needs and the number of hours a care assistant will be considered to be ‘working’.

The cost of live-in care varies dependent on each person, their care and support needs and the number of hours a care assistant will be considered to be ‘working’. If you need more care and support than can be offered by a single live-in care assistant additional charges may apply for provision of 24 hour care and support either through a ‘double’ live-in care package with two live-in care assistants or with support from visiting care assistants at set times through the day and night.

Please see the table below for an estimated guide on pricing*. For more specific information on our pricing, please contact Bluebird Care Rushcliffe & Melton and we'll be able to provide a personalised quote according to your requirements.

Dependency Level        Overview 

Single Person

(Cost Per Week)


(Cost Per Week)

Low Care needs are low, the individual(s) are independent but require support with daily living tasks. The individual(s) may require some support with personal care or medication but do not need support throughout the night. £1485.00 £1800.00
Medium Care needs are moderate, the individual(s) will require support with personal care and / or medication. They may be limited in what they can do without assistance the individual(s) may wake up throughout the night occasionally (no more than once). £1715.00 £1980.00
High Care needs are significant, the individual(s) need support with most daily living activities, including personal care and medication. The Care Expert may assist at night a maximum of twice in a night and no longer than 20 minutes at a time. £1830.00 £2245.00

Live-in care is charged at double the standard rate on Bank Holidays. For Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day these dates are chargeable at triple the daily rate.

All the above rates reflect the cost of one live-in carer.

Please note: Costs will increase for couples where both require support as soon above. Double live-in (day live-in care / night live-in care) might be necessary when there is a high level of support required during the night, and environment allows for two live-in care assistants. It is worth bearing in mind that live-in care can be more affordable than waking night cover


Although your live-in care assistant lives in your home, they are not expected to work 24 hours a day. Your care assistants day will usually be broken down into contact/work time and non-contact/downtime, based around your daily routines and preferences identified during the assessment and review process.

As a guideline, a live-in care assistant might work between 8-10 hours a day. In order to comply with employment law regulations, a live-in care assistant will require a minimum two hour break in every working day. If you cannot be left without care and support for this period of time, a visiting care assistant can be arranged to work during this daily break time.

Other fees
Item Charges
Subsistence (e.g. meals for care assistant) £40.00 per week
Additional Mileage (e.g. to support the customer attend appointments, go shopping, enjoy a trip out to the garden centre) 45p per mile

Additional hours (2 hour break cover / additional care assistant)

Only required if family, friends or neighbours cannot provide support, or the customer cannot be left unattended during the break.

Usual day-time hourly charges.
Sleep-in or waking night cover Usually nightly fee for these services.


*Disclaimer: The prices advertised on our website are subject to change without prior notice. While we strive to maintain accurate and up-to-date pricing information, please be aware that fluctuations in market conditions, supplier costs, and other factors beyond our control may necessitate adjustments to our prices. As a result, the prices displayed may not always reflect the most current rates at the time of booking. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we are committed to providing fair and transparent pricing to our customers.

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