Digital care planning with PASSforcare & Roster

PASS has changed how care can be delivered in the home, providing a platform for care workers and family members to view live care records online.

The PASS platform has changed how care can be delivered in the home. Care workers (and, where appropriate, commissioners and family members) are able to see and update live and highly detailed information relating to the individual receiving support. The sheer scope of this information; from personal preferences, through detailed medication details, outcome objectives and care-plan instructions, was a first in itself back in 2015 when PASS first launched. The fact that this all became available in real time, on a mobile device was truly transformational.

Enter the Digital Age of Homecare

Bluebird Care Rushcliffe & Melton were delighted to introduce the PASS platform by everyLIFE technologies back in 2016, which provides a ground-breaking electronic platform for care recording and communication. PASS is currently one of the major CQC recognised, NHS England accredited, NICE compliant systems on the market, and places the concept of ‘3D care’ at its heart.

The notion of 3D care encompasses 3 distinct components which not only look to make the planning, delivery, and recording of care more efficient, but also aim to provide our customers with a more responsive, person-centred care and support service. 

The system is operated simultaneously at both a management and front-of-house level, with the care team using the system on their mobile phones to complete care visit notes. Through intelligent linking of desired customer outcomes, the resulting tasks are easy to follow and simple to report, meaning that time is better managed to focus on the customer’s wellbeing.

Having a wealth of information at our care team’s fingertips allows them to build a more personal connection and deliver an unrivalled level of customer service.

In 2022, the PASS platform introduced a rostering system which Bluebird Care Rushcliffe & Melton have eagerly adopted. From allocating visits and runs to managing holidays, invoicing or payroll, PASS Roster simplifies care management at every stage of delivery while providing powerful reporting to uncover insights into both care delivery and quality.

If you would like to learn more about the PASS platform and its sister app, openPASS, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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