Change Doesn’t Have to Be Challenging

We offer customers the choice to live independently in the comfort of their own home.

Live-in care is consistent, around-the-clock care, offering peace of mind for family and friends as well as dedicated care to the care recipient.

(Elder, The Benefits of Live-in Care)

Live-in care can be perfect for many people, including those living with dementia as it provides familiarity and comfort and enables them to stay in their own lived space with their memories.

We are an experienced provider for customers that have a diagnosis of dementia.

Barney (the customer’s name has been changed for the purposes of this blog) contacted us when he realised that he was having trouble with some daily activities. It is often the hardest step in someone’s care journey; to admit they need support. It was especially difficult for Barney, being a very proud gentleman. He enjoyed doing his own shopping, and he liked to do it alone. This, along with cooking, was one of the things he wanted to keep doing.

It took a few weeks for our carer to build a relationship and trust before he started to ask for help. Where shopping was once something he loved to do alone, he now allowed his carer to do it with him. This led to conversations around what he liked to eat and how he wanted the carer to cook his meals.

One of the key ways we work as carers is to understand how our customers like to live, their routines, how they like their meals, what activities they like to engage in. We also talk about their history, their memories, and build on these to understand how we can enable every customer to live a fulfilling life independently in the comfort of their own home, with our support.

If you would like to know more about our live-in service there is more information here.

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