Your Care, Your Choice

At Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees, we work hard to make sure our customers are not only cared for, but comfortable as well.

When you work in care, you are not just a carer – you are a companion too.


Care is more than just physical help. Of course, the physical elements are often very important when supporting an elderly or vulnerable person, but a lot of the time someone may just need comfort and stability. This goes for all types of care – residential, home, and even live-in care.


At Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees, we offer many forms of home care. Each care package is tailored to the individual customer – we never take a one-size-fits-all approach.


A few years ago, we had a customer that needed 24-hour care (for the purposes of this blog, we will refer to her as ‘Lilly’). Lilly was a very proud lady – she treasured her home and she loved to cook. She hated the thought of someone else cleaning her pride and joy and cooking her meals for her.


We knew we would have to be very patient with her.


We believe everyone should have a choice – a choice in where they live, who enters their home, and what they are able to do within their own home. We never take away a person’s right to choose, which is why we started our care with Lilly very slowly.


Initially, we delivered companionship care to her. We used this time to get to know Lilly, so we could gain a better understanding of her preferences. Eventually we gained Lilly’s trust.


After a few months of living in her home, only doing tasks that Lilly was comfortable with, her care professional was soon cleaning Lilly’s home! Soon after, our care professional was preparing and serving meals to Lilly too.


What started out as a few conversations a day, quickly became a friendship built on mutual trust and respect. This allowed our care professional to care for Lilly thoroughly, and Lilly was happy because we gave her a choice; we were patient with her. We let her choose what she wanted to eat, when she wanted to eat, and what she wanted to do at any time of the day, as this is this is the way we believe it should be.


We spoke to one of Lilly’s relatives, as we always like to make sure we're doing our absolute best for our customers:


I have never seen Lilly smile as much as she does now, and I can’t believe how welcoming she is of you. This has really taken a weight off our shoulders as well as hers.



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