Living Well with Dementia

In honour of Dementia Action Week, we share how Bluebird Care can help those living with dementia live fulfilling lives.

A diagnosis of dementia can feel overwhelming. One of our much-loved customers shared with us recently:


I’m worried that it will get worse, and I won’t be able to remember any of my family and friends.


As a service that supports people to live well in their own home, we are faced with this scenario regularly. At Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees, we strive to work towards ensuring our customers that are living with dementia can live a meaningful and fulfilling life. We do this through our daily interactions and supporting everyone to remain independent.


Living with dementia has been compared to as ‘sometimes living in the fog, and sometimes living in the sunshine’.  We encourage our customers and families to keep a photo book of memories as we want families to be reminded that there is more to a person than their dementia. From the point of view of a person living with dementia:


it’s the way you talk to us, not what you say, that we remember

Christine Bryden, 46


It is very important we remember; it isn't their fault. Companionship can significantly boost quality of life, and at Bluebird Care we offer many services including social calls. Within this time we give customers the opportunity to do their weekly shop, meet up with their friends, go for a stroll, or even just relax in their home with a friendly face.


Due to the confusion, irritability, and similar difficulties that come with dementia, it is most beneficial for a person with dementia to be cared for in their own home. This option is far less disorienting for a dementia patient than a move to an assisted living facility, a memory care unit or a nursing home. This is because the familiarity of home offers peace, comfort, and security – things that are important for a person with dementia to have. If you or a loved one is currently seeking home care in Wakefield or Kirklees, we would be happy to provide it.


You can read's 51 Practical Tips for Living with Dementia, for more information on how to live well with dementia.

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