Meet the Team

Our Bluebird Care Wakefielld and Kirklees team consists of company owner Narinder Gill, our fantastic office team who support our customers and staff, and our friendly Care Workers who are out delivering excellent high quality care to customers in their own homes.

Narinder Gill


Bluebird Care Wakefield is led by Narinder Gill. Narinder started delivering homecare in Wakefield to help support customers in the area to receive homecare and support while remaining in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Delivering the highest quality of homecare and support is Narinder’s absolute goal and the team would be delighted to hear from anyone who is seeking homecare for themselves or for a loved one, or would simply like to talk to someone about the services we provide.

Narinder has worked for over 2 decades in the educational field, successfully leading three schools as a head teacher.

In her latest headship of 8 years her commitment, relentless drive to improving life chances of all the children in her care resulted in raised standards, collaborative working and innovative partnerships.

Narinder has always felt passionate about making a difference to the community she serves and her growing interest in services for the older person, the personalisation agenda and the ways in which we need to further develop the voice of the older person has led her to leave working with the younger generation to develop a service for the older person.

I feel the principles that I will apply will be similar and I aim to provide a high quality, professional service that will meet the needs of the older person.


Being part of a national company (Bluebird Care), I will ensure that I localise the service I provide to meet the needs of the Wakefield Community.


My experiences have taught me that we need to work innovatively, and in partnership with all agencies to ensure we provide a quality service for our customers.

Jessica Gaskell

Operations Manager

Jessica is the Operations Manager at Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees.

Having worked in the health and social care industry for over 14 years, Jessica has a wealth of knowledge and experience to support individuals with differing care needs. During her career Jessica has performed numerous roles including Care Assistant, Supervisor, Registered Manager and now Operations Manager. This grants Jessica a thorough understanding of the industry, allowing both herself and Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees the ability to provide the highest standard of care.  

Having joined the company in 2018, Jessica oversaw the merger of two branches (Wakefield and Kirklees) in what was an integral moment in the company's recent history. Now, because of this, Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees are run in unison providing high quality care for their respective areas. Further to this, Jessica is the Wellbeing Champion for the team, promoting a positive wellbeing through healthy lifestyle choices. Jessica is also a qualified Mental Health First Aider providing support if and when required. 

Outside of work, Jessica likes to remain active through different forms of exercise along with exploring new places with her family on walks. 

Jessica is really proud to work for Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees as she states:

I decided to join the company because the ethos and vision really resonated with me on a personal level.

and that now her focus is

to continue to support the team to deliver high quality care and encourage growth to promote business continuity.




Cath Taliaferro

Quality Officer

Cath is the Quality Officer for Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees.

With a background of Senior Management in Customer Care Industries, Cath has brought many transferable skills with her to fit in to this role including a love of anything numerical and mathematical. 

Cath joined Bluebird Care Kirklees as Care Coordinator in 2019, after the merger of the two branches (Wakefield and Kirklees), she became Quality Officer for both territories. Although relatively new to the care industry Cath really enjoys working out and about in the community providing care and meeting our customers. Thriving in her role due to her wealth of experince and enjoyment in cooperating with people.  

Outside of work, Cath volunteers for various dog rescue organisations, fundraising and previously fostering many Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Her love for Cavaliers led her to run her own very successful dog walking and home boarding business for 4 years. Cath is very lucky to share her home with 2 very cheeky Cavaliers and loves going for long walks with them on weekends.

Cath is very proud to work for Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees as she emphasises that:

we genuinely CARE about all our customers and staff alike

as well as

looking forward to helping the company grow in the future the opportunities that will bring.

Theresa Owen

Field Care Support

Theresa’s role is Field Care Support at Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees.  

Theresa has a vast amount of experience and qualifications that have accumulated from over 25 years of experience in the health and social care industry. Theresa has numerous NCEF qualifications including a Level 2 Certificate in Medication, is Basic Life Support Trainer and is currently completing a NCFE qualification in End-of-Life care. As well as a NVQ Level 3 in Care.    

Theresa joined Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees in 2016 as a Care Assistant. Now as she leads Field Care Support, Theresa is the key link of communication between the office, the carers and the customers. By understanding the needs of customers and staff, she helps create a perfect synergy within the company.  

Outside of work, Theresa is heavily involved with Rugby League where she is the Team Manager for her grandson’s junior team which is sponsored by Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees. As well as this, she is massive fan of Castleford Tigers and looks forward to attending games along with her grandson. 

Providing high quality care is something Theresa is extremely passionate about as she emphasises: 

I speak regularly to both customers and carers so that I can ensure that the attention they both thoroughly deserve is given to them.

As well she will continue to be 

Sensitive to the needs of customers giving them the highest standard of care and treating them as individuals.

Janice Hislop

Field Care Supervisor

Janice is a Field Care Supervisor at Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees.  

Starting her career in the health and social care industry in 2019, Janice brings a new perspective on the best way to provide the highest standard of care. Previously, Janice had worked as a People Manager permitting her to carry over crucial transferable skills to her role. Beginning her career in care as a Care Assistant means that Janice has vital hands-on experience on the correct way to treat both customers and staff.  

Now, in her role as Field Care Supervisor she plays a very important part in the cohesion between customers and staff. Janice ensures customers are fully supported and guided through the process of individually tailoring care needs. As well as this she guarantees the wellbeing of Care Assistants within the company, allowing them to thrive and provide the highest standard of care.   

Outside of work, Janice likes to spend time reading or with her dog going on walks on the lovely beaches the UK has to offer.  

Janice takes real pride in the job she does as she states: 

Working with the rest of the team here at Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees, I feel very confident in being able to deliver unique care in the comfort of the customers own home.

And that

I take great satisfaction in my role as Field Care Supervisor for many reasons, but it is the day-to-day interactions with our customers I thoroughly enjoy.

Wendy Coates

Field Care Supervisor

Wendy is a Field Care Supervisor for Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees. 

Having amassed over 37 years of experience withing the NHS, Wendy brings valuable expertise to her role in the team. During her career she has had a variety of roles providing care to a diverse group of people with a varying range of physical and mental health needs.  From her time with the NHS, Wendy now brings the integral ability to understand the complexities of differing care needs.  

After joining Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees, Wendy now provides ongoing support and encouragement to staff, as well individual care and attention to customers. She ensures professionalism throughout the staff so that the highest quality of care is continuously given.  

Wendy thoroughly enjoys working in the care industry as she states:

Working at Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees has given me the opportunity to develop and build on my existing skills through a different but very important pathway.

And that during her time with the team she been able to 

Grow into a confident professional, delivering the highest quality of care in a variety of means.

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