Supporting and Understanding Dementia

How do we help people develop an understanding of dementia here at Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees?

Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees is an experienced provider of care for customers that have a diagnosis of dementia. As such, we feel it is part of our duties to help people understand and know how to support those with a diagnosis.


There are 850,000 dementia patients in the UK today. Read below to find out how we, as a home care company, have supported them and their families!


Our Dementia Awareness


Everyone at Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees is a Dementia Friend, meaning they have undertaken a series of tasks to help them develop and sharpen their understanding of the illness.


Anyone can become a Dementia Friend – it is a great way to show your support as well as equip yourself with the tools necessary to understand those with a diagnosis.


We aim to host or attend a community event at least once a month. We think it's important we stay connected to our customers and their communities.


Recently, we hosted a Time For a Cuppa event at our office in aid of Dementia UK. We opened our doors to anyone who wanted to get involved. Some of our care assistants stopped by for a slice of cake and a hot drink, as well as some of our neighbouring businesses! This was a great opportunity to show our support for the wonderful and generous work of Dementia UK.


When Dementia UK got in touch with us to thank us for our dedication to their cause, we were thrilled. In the 8 years we've spent as a Dementia Friends Champion, we have created 219 Dementia Friends! That's 219 people who have a greater understanding of dementia and can use their knowledge to support those with a diagnosis!


We are so proud and honoured to have been able to contribute to this amazing programme, and we hope to continue spreading awareness so we can help create a more understanding society.


As said by the inspirational writer, poet, and civil rights activit, Maya Angelou:



People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.



At Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees, we are proud to be a dementia-friendly service. Do you know someone who has dementia and could do with some help?


Contact us today to speak to a member of our team!

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