6 tips to help the elderly at Christmas

December can be a very lonely time of year for many. Figures from Age UK suggest nearly a million older people feel lonelier during this time of year. With the added uncertainty of COVID, lockdowns and restrictions, these figures are only likely to have increased. We could all play our part this year by offering companionship and helping in any way we can to spread the joy of Christmas. As always, please be aware of any new COVID guidelines and updates when supporting the elderly this year 

6 top tips to help the elderly this Christmas

1. Christmas Decorations 

Older people or people with a health condition may struggle with putting the decorations or Christmas tree up. It's always nice to offer help, although never make assumptions on what someone can and can't do. Simply offering to help with these things can make a huge difference - don't forget to offer help with getting them down again too.

2. Helping with Christmas Shopping 

Christmas shopping can be difficult for someone who is older and may have less mobility. You could offer to help them with their Christmas shopping online or alternatively, you could offer to accompany them on a trip to the shops and help carry their bags for them.

3. Christmas Cards 

Writing and sending Christmas cards can be a difficult task if your hands are less stable. You could offer to help write and send cards for them and even read the cards they receive out loud to them if needed.

4. Christmas Day Meal 

Christmas day can be especially lonely if the individual has no family or friends to stay. Could you prepare an extra Christmas dinner and leave it on their doorstep? This allows for social distancing, all the while spreading the joy of Christmas to those alone this year.

5. Attending Local Christmas Events 

It can be harder to get out and about when you have less energy or mobility. Ask them if they have seen any events they would like to attend and offer your help. This could be anything from a local church service, a Christmas market or even a coffee morning.

6. Welfare Call 

Over the Christmas period, check on your elderly loved ones, neighbours, and friends by carrying out a welfare call. This is to double check that they are okay and if they need any help. You can do this socially distanced from their front door or if you're not able to leave your own home, you could even just make a quick phone call.

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