COVID-19 protective measures

The safety of our customers and staff is, and always has been, our first priority.

All of our care assistants have been supplied by us with full personal protective equipment (PPE) as per government guidelines throughout the Covid-19  pandemic.

All of our care assostants use type IIr (fluid resistant) surgical masks, gloves, aprons and anti-bacterial hand gel as standard. In addition, they have access to eye protection and visors as required.

We have a wide range of measures in place to protect our customers and care assistants from Coronavirus, including:

Office based:

  • Weekly Covid-19 tests
  • We do not accept hospital discharges without a negative Covid-19 test
  • No staff sharing vehicles
  • Full office risk assessment in place as per HSE requirements
  • No sharing of office equipment including pens
  • Care assistants attending the office wear masks whilst adhering to socially distance
  • All care assistants and other visitors must book appointments to visit the office to minimise footfall
  • Office staff are split into A and B teams to assist social distancing. For instance, half of the team work from home on alternate days
  • If office staff tested positive, the group would need to self isolate
  • Glass screens in place for all office staff and in training room
  • Increased ventilation – windows door open if practicable
  • No hot desking
  • Use of outdoor space for breaks wherever possible
  • Three touch free hand sanitiser stations in office
  • Signage and mats in place regarding social distancing, hand washing, hand sanitiser
  • Increased cleaning regime
  • Professional waste disposal
  • Temperature checking at office entrance
  • Increased hand washing facilities  - antibacterial hand wash no touch dispenser paper towels
  • Appropriate disinfectant spray and disposal cloths in line with COSHH
  • PPE stock managed by Directors to ensure adequate supplies
  • Regular monitoring of guidelines via and webinars with Head office and the Local Authority

Bluebird Care Assistants:

  • Weekly Covid-19 tests
  • All care assistants have full PPE (IIr masks, gloves aprons, eye protection) plus 70% alcohol hand sanitiser, also visors if required.
  • Care assistants issued with bag to protect their PPE
  • We do not accept hospital discharges without a negative COVID test
  • Individual risk assessments completed for all care assistants who may be vulnerable
  • All care assistants have had refresher training including infection control
  • No staff sharing vehicles
  • Supervisions and reviews etc done remotely where possible
  • Any staff testing Covid-19 positive need a negative test before returning to work
  • All staff are aware they need to self isolate if have they have Covid-19 symptoms or are Covid-19 positive

We have ample stocks of PPE and have established reliable supply lines, however we remain vigilant and all stocks of PPE are reviewed on a weekly basis.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking to access our services and wish to discuss our infection control policy and resources. 

Bluebird Care PPE distributed to all care staff

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