Customer newsletters

Here at Bluebird Care Northallerton, Thirsk and Catterick, we like to keep our customers and their families up to date with the latest news each month.

February 2022 Customer Newsletter

Take a read of our first customer newsletter of 2022.

November 2021 Customer Newsletter

Explore our November 2021 customer newsletter. This edition focuses on our customers health and well-being. There is an update on Covid-19 and our monthly word search.

October 2021 Customer Newsletter

Discover our October 2021 customer newsletter, including our latest team update, important Covid-19 booster information and advice on how to stay healthy in winter.

May 2021 Customer Newsletter

Discover our May 2021 customer newsletter, including information on the Government's Covid-19 roadmap and an interactive word search.

April 2021 Customer Newsletter

Explore the April 2021 Customer newsletter including our new Bluebird Care car and national gardening week.

March 2021 Customer Newsletter

Discover our March 2021 customer newsletter.


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