The benefits of Bluebird Care's Staff Guide Mobile App

Following on from the success of the PASSsystem, a platform which hosts and updates care plans in real time, Bluebird Care have launched a ground-breaking Staff Guide Mobile App to support their care teams out in the field deliver the very best in home care services.A close up of a white iPhone being held in someone's hands with the Staff Guide app open.

After gathering feedback following a number of workshops with our care teams across the network, the Staff Guide Mobile App developed by Bluebird Care experts, has been designed to support and assist care teams in delivering excellence in care. Watch the video below and hear from Bluebird Care’s experts on how the app was created. 

Supporting care teams in delivering over 28,000 care visits every day the Bluebird Care Staff Guide App enhances the availability of critical information to care teams that provide front line care and support to customers in their own homes.

What are the benefits to our care teams and customers?A close up of a black iPhone with the staff guide open.

  • Care teams have instant access to information and guidance vital to delivering excellence in care
  • Content is clearly displayed with easy navigation
  • Available on any device, anywhere, making it perfect for our care teams across the UK

Dedicated to putting customers and care teams first, Bluebird Care are using innovation and technology to ensure customers receive the care they both expect and deserve.

Bluebird Care have gone above and beyond by joining home care expertise with mobile app capability and providing their care teams with excellent training and support.

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