Live-in care FAQs

What is Live-in Care? Who is Live-in Care for? What does Involve? All these and more of your questions on Live-in Care are answered below



A day in the life of a Live -In carer

Hello, my name is Precious. I’m 43 and work as a Live In Care Assistant for Bluebird Care Leicester

My day to day role is to provide care, assistance and companionship to customers with a range of difficulties and personal restrictions. I mainly work older people who have are affected by their ability to carry out day to day tasks in and around the house and outside of their homes. 

Currently a typical day for me would be to assist a Mrs D out of bed in the morning, ensuring that she had a sufficient amount of rest and was in good spirits to start her day. Depending on the she wanted, I would assist with her toileting and hygiene needs before getting her dressed.

Once the Mrs D is up and comfortable I take her to the dining area where I would assist in the preparation of breakfast. Each customer I work with would typically have a different routine or way in which they would like tasks carried out so it is important to communicate with them and follow the comprehensive care plan provided by Bluebird Care Leicester. 

Throughout the day I would assist with any tasks the she would like help with, such as administering medication, preparing food and drinks but also providing companionship. This could include going into town to the shops or a café or staying in to play a board game.

I also understand how important it is to know what Mrs D wants and to allow for privacy when appropriate. I also ensure that all house up-to-date, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for the Mrs D and for myself to live in.

In the evening I would mirror duties carried out in the morning, ensuring the she is warm, comfortable, sufficiently fed and hydrated before bedtime.
What do you enjoy most about your job?
As a Live In Care Assistant, the thing that I find most satisfying is that I can really create a rapport and build a bond with a customer. Because I spend a minimum of two weeks at a time with one customer, I am able to get to know and understand how they like things done.

I also think from the customer’s point of view, it’s nice to have that consistency of assistance and companionship as opposed to having several visits from different carers on a daily basis.  
What made you want to be a Live In Care Assistant?
Similarly again, I think the Live In Care approach will always come out on top simply because of the one to one basis which is undoubtedly beneficial for both the customer and the Care Assistant. 
How many years have you been working in the Care Industry and how did you get started? What did you do before?
I have been working with Bluebird Care for 6 months now and have worked with a range of people and have enjoyed it every step of the way.

Prior to joining the company, I had spent some time doing community and residential care work in Southampton. I have also worked in customer service and this has given me an insight into what individuals want and how I can help in a person centred way

I like to think I am understanding and empathetic to the needs to the individual as each customer is different. I am also a friendly and confident individual who can bring a sense of fun and companionship to my job. 

How a live-in carer can support you?


It can be difficult to have a stranger come and live with you in your own home. At Bluebird Care we make sure that this new arrangement will be undertaken as smoothly as possible and be completely reliant on your views and choices.

A live-in care assistant from Bluebird Care Leicester, will be carefully chosen and matched so that they will be able to live in your home and support and assist you with daily activities and tasks and provide someone to rely on as well be provide companionship.

No two live-in care requirements are the same, just as no two live-in carers are the same. Your daily routine will not be the same as anyone else’s and so what we arrange is completely bespoke and a care plan is made with you likes and requirements at the centre of it.

Our Care Manager will initially make an appointment to come and see you at you home. They will sit with and get to know you and your daily routines and the things that are important to you. Then, he will make a custom-made support plan for the live-in carer to follow.

This is part of a good live-in service that will help you to get the assistance and independence you require. We will then look for someone from our team of expert live-in care staff to match up with your needs.

What about my night-time routine?

Bed Time rituals

Whether you are a night owl or a morning lark, the live-in carer will be there by your side to support you.  If you like socialising with friends watching TV till late, your carer will accommodate you needs. We will do our best to make sure that the life you lead and want to lead will not be any different because you have a live-in carer. Remember, a live-in carer will fit in with your life and routines to make sure that you get what you want at all times

We all have our night-time rituals or things that we do each evening before bed. Maybe you like a cup of hot chocolate before retiring, reading a good novel until you feel sleepy, or relaxing with a soak in the bath. Whatever your nightly routine, your carer can be there to support you if you wish.


Live-in care can prevent Falls

Falling is a major concern for people with mobility issues and the elderly, especially when they are living on their own.

By having a Live-In service, Customers can be reassured that the Live-In Care Assistant is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist them if they have a fall and to raise the alarm for them.

As a fully regulated provider of home care, your dedicated care manager is always on-hand if you ever have any concerns or need additional support. Call us if you’d like to find out more.

Will a Live-in carer wake when I wake?

Rise and Shine

From the moment you wake, whatever your morning routine is, your live-in carer will be there to support you.

Whether you want a wakeup call with your morning cup of tea or a full English breakfast prepared for when you arise or assistance with personal care, which can include toileting, bathing and getting dressed, a live-in carer will be there by your side.

If you require help with getting out of bed and moving safely around the home, your live-in carer can help with this. Bluebird Care live-in carers are well-trained in using equipment such as of hoists, and are experienced  with transferring you from your bed to a walking frame or a wheelchair.

After starting the day your way, your carer can help with any tasks you may find difficult. This could be making household tasks or taking you out for the day.

What about meal times?

Meals and snacks

Some or all you your meals, whether it’s lunch, dinner or a snack, can be prepared by your live-in carer, or if you wish, they can help you prepare them. They can help as much or as little as you need, they can just be by your side if you need them.

As they get to know you they will be aware of any dietary specifications you may have and they will take time to prepare things just the way you like.  It really is about you and your preferences that will make this arrangement work well and suit your needs

A good standard and quality care provision should be about enabling your independence. Rather than taking over from you, the live-in carer will enable you to complete the tasks yourself – if that’s what you want to do.

At the initial meeting with your local Bluebird Care manager, you will be asked about your preferences and routines which will form the basis of what we call your ‘person-centred support plan’. This will be written from your point of view, outlining exactly what you like to do each day – and how you like things to be done.

No matter how big or small these requirements are, they help to build a picture of the type of daily support you require and, maybe more importantly, the type of person who would suit you best.

But that’s not all. We constantly monitor and check how things are progressing without being intrusive and make any changes that may be required. As time goes by you may cope better at certain things and less at others. We regularly review the service so that we can keep on top of changes and  make sure the care plan changes as your needs change.

Would they be with me all the time?

Personal Space and Me-time

Being with your live-in carer all day may mean that you require some alone time, maybe to have a meal by yourself or watch your favourite TV show or spend time with a family member.

You can be assured that you can decide anytime whether you want to have company or be by yourself. Remember, this is about you and your needs. Often you may want to share a meal or have a cup of tea and shoot the breeze with the carer but the choice is always yours.

Some customers may prefer their own company, whether for long or short periods, We also support couples at home, allowing them both the space to share their time together. With live-in care, your boundaries and privacy wishes are always respected, and your personal preferences will be outlined in your support plan.

What is most important to remember is that your live-in carer will be someone who you feel comfortable around, carefully matched to your personality, interests and even outlook on life. Many of our carers become more like friends with the people they support.

Whether you like visiting a garden centre, museum or going to the seaside for an ice cream, whatever you enjoy doing, your live-in carer can be by your side to help you achieve this. You are the focus of their work and they will help you whatever way is required to achieve your outcomes. Each day can be the same or totally different – it’s your choice, your way.

If you require privacy because you have friends round or are making a personal phone call, the carer will give you the space to do this. The carer can be a friend, a companion or personal assistant or a combination whenever you choose.

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