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At Bluebird Care Leicester, we commit ourselves to helping our customers achieve their vision, matching the right care expert at the right time.


Bluebird Care Leicester is a forward-thinking, independent local business that focuses on bringing care, support, respite and post-operative assistance for people requiring personal care, light domestic work, companionship and going out into the community to bring independence and mobility to our customers.

At Bluebird Care Leicester, we commit ourselves to helping our customers achieve their vision, matching the right care expert at the right time of the day for them and in turn offering our expert advice and guidance in the process.

Operating since 2011, Bluebird Care Leicester has successfully grown from a small team of specialists in dementia into a multi-disciplined organisation focused on most types of personal care and support but particularly assistance with Motor Neuron  Disease (MND) Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Muscular Dystrophy (MD)


Today, Bluebird Care Leicester is built on trust and long-lasting customer relationships, family values and a positive working relationship. Providing care experts to well over 200 customers across Leicestershire each year, operating out of our Hub on the Hinckley Road in Leicester, we deliver over 1000 hours of care per week and work with local authorities, including the City and County councils and the NHS.

In addition, Bluebird Care Leicester assists those with low to severe learning disabilities and leads young adults through teenage years, Transitions years from 16 – 18 years and beyond into adulthood

We’ve achieved tremendous growth by continuous business improvements, determination, energy, and passion, listening to and understanding our customers’ needs; by ensuring that we understand and freely share our exemplary service and industry knowledge by having care experts that can speak a variety of different languages and having an understanding of many different cultures that reside in Leicestershire whilst still being able to communicate at a high level in English. We employ motivated and knowledgeable care staff who are as keen as us to deliver extraordinary customer service.

Whilst much of the growth of our company has come from working with the local authorities, for whom we are Approved Providers, we concentrate on being the Care Experts local to you. Bluebird Care Leicester has a ‘Good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission and is the preferred choice for many that choose and pay for care themselves.

Bluebird Care Leicester continues to provide support in your own home however we have seen a considerable increase after the end of the Covid 19 pandemic for people to go out to a social setting. This can be a pub lunch, out to see relatives or with friends to a local Garden Centre. We have even taken one of our customers to Skegness in the summer.

Our focus on the local community means ensuring that we never lose sight of our humble beginnings or forget the importance of the having local friendly face on hand at times when you really need them.


Jay Ghaghda’s PERSONAL WHY

My why is incredibly personal to me. My parents have worked their entire life in Leicester and have been part of the local community. When my father needed care at home after his heart attack we rallied round as a family however it was the local home help that became an extension of the family we wouldn’t be there. It was then that I decide that I wanted to help others that wanted to stay in their own homes, in their own surroundings rather than going into a residential ,home.

At Bluebird Care Leicester we truly understand that the right person to look after them can make all the difference to someone who is ill, elderly or at the latter stages of a terminal condition.





  • COMMUNICATIVE – We timely share facts and information that will help you, and we escalate when needed.
  • POSITIVITY & OPEN-MINDEDNESS – Helps us to solve challenges and make life more independent and fun for our customers!
  • INTEGRITY – We take ownership of what we do, behaving with respect & integrity to our customers.
  • COMMITMENT – We have the our customers needs and wants in mind when our care experts carry out tasks to the very best of our ability.
  • DISCIPLINE – We follow CQC standard operating procedures; we do our job Right First Time, All The Time and we always ensure the health and safety of those around we look after.



Bluebird Care Leicester remains a tightly knit business whose mission is to Inspire, Support and Deliver to our customers their needs and wants to live as independently as possible.

We subscribe to the Mun and Dad test. “If it’s not good enough for our Mum and Dad then it’d not good enough for yours!”



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