Bluebird Care prices for care and support

Pricing is not as simple as buying items in your weekly shopping. We take much consideration when we set them every April.

Bluebird Care Prices for Care and Support

Care and support cannot be quantified like a product such as a washing machine or wardrobe. It really is a question of ‘How Long is a piece of string?’

The care industry is all about choice, wants, needs and person-centred planning. Our service is tailor-made for you specifications and thus the weekly price will vary between people that use it.

It can also vary as time goes on; the visits you start off with may increase as needs increase and dependency grows. However, if there has been an accident that has healed or you have recovered after surgery, you may find that there is less of a need or no need at all.

We at Bluebird Care Leicester take you wishes very seriously when it comes to your care needs. We pride ourselves on being responsive to ever changing needs and can implement any changes immediately if required.

Hence, pricing is not as simple as buying items in your weekly shopping. Our prices are, we feel, very reasonable. We take into account much consideration when we set them every April.

Firstly, we pay our care staff above the Real Wage in the UK which is considerably higher than minimum wage. Our prices include employer’s national insurance payments, pension’s provision and the national holiday entitlements which add about 24% to the hourly wage. It also incorporates travel time and travel costs as well as waiting time if this is required.

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A large part of our staffing costs are training, communication and personal protective equipment (PPE). We make sure that all staff members are fully trained and remain trained. Many courses required for care and support expire after 12 or 18 months and so periodic refreshers are necessary. Further, we make sure our staff are equipped to deal with special conditions and so provide training for motor neurone disease (MND) multiple sclerosis (MS) dementia and Alzheimer’s; post stroke care; end-of-life care and many others.

Phone usage is essential to the way we operate and thus, a considerable cost. We keep in touch with clients and staff members on a minute by minute basis making sure clients are safe and receiving care and staff are safe and that they are at the right homes at the right times.

We increased prices in April this year which were planned a few months in advance knowing what we knew about the rise in costs set by the government and our industry. However, since late February 2022, we have seen the crisis in Ukraine which has been instrumental in the cost of living increase we all see in our day to day goods and energy prices.

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All the above is incorporated into our prices and there has been no financial burden added to our clients and customers invoices.

With this in mind, we have a basic, hourly rate card. This is subject to changes for example, if you require more tasks to be carried out in a set period of time. This may not always be possible but we will advise if it is.

REGULAR Tariff 2023/24

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Care visit length (per care assistant)

Monday to Friday


& Sundays

£Public Holidays


60 minutes                                                                                              £31.00

45 minutes                                                                                              £28.00

30 minutes                                                                                              £24.50













24-hour ‘Live-in’ Care Standard; per day. Minimum 7-day booking.


Full 15-hour daytime Care (7am to 10pm)


9 hour Waking night (10pm to 7am)

9 hour Sleep-In (10pm to 7am)























NB. All regular hourly visit lengths over 60 minutes are priced pro-rata to the 60-minute price.

Specialist Services for learning disability and conditions such as MDN, MS etc can be quoted as per individual requirements

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Weekly ‘Live-In’ Care from your personal assistant

All Live-In care services are quoted individually according to requirements and our ‘Standard’ service is £1195 per week. Our Live-In ‘Medium’ service is £1395 per week. Our Live-In ‘High’ service is £1595 per week. Public holidays are an extra £70 in all live-in care cases, and care assistant subsistence is also extra in all cases. There are different arrangements for couples. Minimum 7-day booking.


Any travel on behalf of a customer as a natural part of the visit (errands; shopping; escorted visits) is charged at 50 pence per mile. There is no other charge for regular carer travel between their regular visits.

We name our services depending on what is requires

Helping Hands -  is one visit a day/week

Help at Home  - is two visits per day/week

Aspire -  is three visits per day/week

Athena Care - is a full 24/live in service

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All work is carried out subject to the company’s current Terms of Business