Richmond Borough Council Dignity in Care Awards 2018 - Nomination Applications now Open!!

Published: 22/05/2019

The Nominations for this year's Richmond Borough Council Dignity in Care Awards are now open. Please click through for information on how to nominate your favourite carer.

The Nominations for this year's Dignity in Care Awards are now open (as part of the The Richmond upon Thames Community Heroes' Awards 2018). See link below for more information on how to nominate your favourite carer. The deadline for nominations is 9am on Monday 15 October 2018.

All the Guidelines, and/or required infornation is listed on the Richmond Council Website or you can click the button below to start your Nomination Application. As you would need "Contact Details of nominee" to complete the application; please give our office address and phone number and we’ll sort agreement from the carer.‚Äč 

If you need any information or help with the application please contact the office on 020 8744 9948.


Last year 20 of Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham Care Assistants were nominated and our carer Tess Gough won "Home Support and Day Carer of the Year".

Here is an extract from the awards website about Tess following her nomination last year:

Tess has provided exceptional attentive care for a close friend of mine who has been suffering from a terminal illness. Tess's commitment has made a great impression on me and she has become a true friend to my friend Bill. She makes him laugh, they sing together, she prays with him - a lifeline to Bill as he is no longer able to attend Church on a Sunday evening. The atmosphere in the flat is a happy one - I always enjoy visiting and Tess makes all those who do feel as welcome as one of her own friends. Bill found it hard to look after himself and visiting his home was not always a pleasant experience. Now, his flat always smells nice, hygiene is clearly maintained and Bill is always bathed and well-presented so that he looks and feels good. Tess has also encouraged Bill's friend to cut his hair and trim his beard, an opportunity for some male bonding and helps Bill with his personal grooming so that he is less embarrassed about not being able to care for himself.

She ensures that he celebrates major events such as birthday and Christmas and makes these times fun for him. She is a natural carer and cares for Bill 12 hours a day for six days every week, Tess also co-ordinates, supports and trains the other various carers who look after Bill overnight. Tess is an example of a person who cares not just as a job but who really cares for people and goes out of her way to make life as good as it can possibly be for the time my friend has left to him. She deserves to be recognised for her commitment and dedication to the welfare of her clients and for the genuine love she shows in her work.