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Welcoming Joanna to her new role of Care Supervisor!

Please join us in welcoming Joanna to her new Supervisor role.


Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham Coronavirus Preparedness Portal

Our Coronavirus Preparedness Portal contains all of the up to date information that we’re working from and enables you to keep in touch with us through the web.


Great turnout at the Imagination Cafe on 14th February

Our team at Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham attended yet another successful Imagination Cafe hosted by Harlequins Foundation on Friday.


Helping our carers at Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham

We are family; one of our carers' mum had a devastating fire, losing everything, and we sent through some supplies to support her during this difficult time.


Fire Safety Training at Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham

We hosted a Fire Safety Training today for our care assistants at Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham.


Qigong session for our Carers and Customers at Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham

Local tai chi master Tony Peter Ulatowski led a Qigong session at our office today for our Carers and Customers; with a focus on breathing and gentle exercise.


Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham team attends the Richmond Community Heroes Awards 2019

Our fabulous Carers today attended the Community Heroes Awards (Dignity in Care) at York House on Friday 13th September 2019.


Celebrating Professional Care Workers Day at Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham

We have planned three days of treats for our carers in celebration of Professional Care Workers Day.


Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham team attends another successful Imagination Café event

The Imagination Café has been specifically designed for people living with Dementia and its aim is to spread the word about creative approaches to Dementia care across Richmond Borough.


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