So proud of our Bluebird’s

So proud of our Bluebird’s by David Haswell, Bluebird Care Newcastle, Director.

So proud of our Bluebird’s 

I wrote an article back at the start of the year, about how the term ‘only a care worker’ was overused and highlighted the perception of the media, wider mis-informed public and also sometimes carers themselves as a low skilled and under appreciate career to be in.


At the time, I wrote:

This cannot be further from the truth, it plays a vital and critical role in society and without the dedication of these people, there would be a national crisis


A few short months on

Roll forward a few short months and the position we find ourselves in not only nationally, but globally has highlighted how important these special people are how valued they should continue to be, long after we get through this global pandemic.


It is through the tireless and brave work of all our Health and Social care staff, from those on the front line in the NHS across to those support most vulnerable our society, not to mention all the other Key Workers who are keeping our society going. We thank them all.


So very proud of each of them

If I take time to focus on the staff here at Bluebird Care Newcastle & South Tyneside, I cannot express how proud I am of each and every one of them, they have shown great resilience and fortitude in going about their business and ensuring that the impact on our customers and their loved ones is minimal.


We talk about wanting to give peace of mind to our home care customers and their loved ones, and this has never been more apparent than at this moment, and this is down to a team effort. In tough times, and this has been due to the unprecedented nature of the Coronavirus, the team always come together and rise to the challenge.



Just part of their DNA of being a great Home Care Worker

I have come to understand, that it’s just part of their DNA and make up, and they are proud to care, and they will do anything for our customers and their loved ones, they act selflessly, they act with true care and compassion, they act as if they were their own loved one.


They do this all with a smile on their face and a can-do attitude, can it get all too much, of course it can, how do they cope, well they pull together as a family and support each other.

I can’t help but think of what Aristotle said – the whole is great than the sum of its parts


Job that has real purpose

I must also mention how much admiration have for our new starters over the past 6-8 weeks they have entered the world of home care, some of them for the first time, answering the call to support some of the most vulnerable in these unprecedented times. Listening to why, it was because they wanted a job that made a difference, to work for a company that would make them feel proud, a job that gives them real purpose.


The future

Who knows what the future holds, however one thing I do know is, with our team of passionate, kind and committed Bluebird’s they will always rise to the challenge and ensure that our customers are safe and well looked after, as that is just what they do.


Thank You.

David Haswell, Bluebird Care Newcastle, Director

David Haswell, Bluebird Care Newcastle, Director

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