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At Bluebird Care Mid Staffs we offer a personal, professional service to you and your family. We are determined to deliver the best possible care for every single person and are delighted when we receive positive feedback from our customers, their families and friends.

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Working for Bluebird was the best decision I made, I have worked for several companies in my working life and none of them have ever genuinely cared or supported me like Bluebird does and due to my mental health problems this is so important to me, I have no intention of working for anyone else, when I leave it will be to retire.

We truly are a family!


I think shes doing an absolutely fabulous job and is going above and beyond with CK. I have known Ck 17 years and i know how difficult it has been for care staff and i could clearly see today the wonderful rapor they have! I am going to nominate Tammy for a NHS award!

District Nurse


Compliment District Nurse

She had a voice of an angel and was really reassuring, she put my mind at ease straight away. She immediately made me comfortable and called for help!

Customer JW

Our Secondment supervisor said... 

Abigail Conneely

Our Care Coordinator said... 

Amy Wilson

A massive thank you to our wonderful Care Worker TR, you has Turned CK's life around.  Over Many Months TR has been working with CK to sort out her flat and oh my god, you would not recongnise it?  TR has scrubbed, cleaned, sorted and organised everything.  Thanks to this CK now lives in a clean and organised home,  WELL DONE!  you truely are a Blubird Care Angel.  30/08/2023

Management Compliment

Just wanted to send a compliment/recognition to L J after what happened at JM.

He began to choke on his food and L J lept up to assist me, began back blows, getting the food up and out.  L J helped me potentially save his life and she was absolutley fantastic and remaind calm throughout, which help me to remain calm.

Thank you, KBW 

Emailed compliment

To all the staff at Bluebird, thank you very much.  Love and best wishes from P & D.

Thank you card

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