Is overnight care at home the answer

Overnight care can simply put you or a loved one at ease just by knowing someone is there for care and support. It can put a stop to any anxiety about being alone at night.

Is overnight care at home the answer?

Overnight care at home could be the answer if you're struggling to cope on your own at night.

Care needs don’t stop at the end of the working day. Night Care at home is an essential part of our offering. Our dedicated team of carers work through the night, so that our customers can feel safe and remain well supported and cared for at home whatever the time.

Elderly need as much sleep as everyone else, the recommended amount is between 7-9 hours. We often find that they get a lot less than this.

Getting good quality sleep at night can be hard for some people at the best of times and for the elderly, it can be even harder. Those suffering from health conditions can be up 1-2 times every hour or so. This has a massive impact on their overall health as only getting broken and restless sleep like that does not give your body the respite it needs.


Overnight care at home


What are the benefits of night care?

Overnight care can simply put you or a loved one at ease just by knowing someone is there for care and support. It can put a stop to any anxiety about being alone at night. But there are also some other benefits, including:

  • Reassurance for those who lost confidence at night
  • Assistance getting up for and using the toilet
  • Help to get comfortable and changing position, particularly after an operation or suffering from an injury
  • Support with administering medication
  • On hand help for those living with progressive conditions such as dementia
  • A more restful night leading to better overall health
  • Peace of mind for loved ones knowing someone is on hand to help

Sometimes finding the right overnight care can be a deciding factor to whether or not to remain at home, instead of moving into a care home. It can reassure you and your loved ones that staying in your own home is the right decision because someone is on hand to care and support if necessary.


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What kind of night care is available?

There are two different types of night care available and it all depends on the individual's needs. Sleeping nights is where the night carers sleep in or waking nights is where the carers stay awake throughout their shift.

Sleeping nights – a spare room is needed for sleeping nights for the Care Assistant to sleep in. They can be woken at any point if you need them. This is a great option for people who are requiring a little more support. It gives peace of mind that someone trusted is on hand for any help and support needed during the night.

Waking nights – this is the best solution when needs are at a higher level and the need for being more closely monitored at night is necessary. For example, people living with severe dementia or requiring end of life care. The Care Assistant doesn’t sleep, so can they attend to any needs when needed. Whilst sleeping, they can also get on with other household tasks that might need attention during the night.


Overnight care at home

We're here for you

If you or a loved one requires overnight care at home we are here for you. We can support you to remain comfortable and safe in your own home. 

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