Needing care for a loved one during COVID-19

Needing care for a loved one during COVID by David Haswell, Bluebird Care Newcastle, Director.

Home Care is still very much an option

It has come to my attention recently, that there is a growing perception among society that Care at Home is closed for any new business during the current COVID pandemic and especially when we are under stricter lockdown measures.

Here at Bluebird Care Newcastle this could not be further from the truth, it is more important now than ever that we are able to offer our award winning and outstanding care to the people who need it the most.

We have been operating a full service for all our current customers, as well as seeing a greater demand for our team of Bluebird’s, to what they do best, and provide comfort, security and compassionate care each and every day.

This misconception that we are closed for new business could stem from reports like the one I read the other day that highlighted that over 75% of people who have been receiving care during the pandemic have either had care cancelled or impacted in some way.

People’s needs, suddenly don’t stop because of COVID, or in fact anything, whether it be, due to adverse weather, such as The Beast from the East a few years back, Public Holidays, or Sporting events such as the Great North Run, people still need the care and support each day.


Care at home during COVID-19

Bluebird Care Newcastle like many other care providers and other businesses, have invested heavily in updating policy and procedures to ensure that, all our staff, customers and people we come in to contact with remain safe as possible.

With regards to new enquires into the business, as ever we are using technology where we can, however, as part of the care planning and risk assessment process, face to face contact and a visit to the customers home is required.

Since the COVID has started we have been very fortunate that to our knowledge none of our customers have had COVID-19 or have died from it, this is testament to the hard work sacrifice, not only our Bluebirds, but also the customers families and loved ones, for their trust they have placed in us.

One of the advantages of Care at Home especially during the lockdown, is the ability for the personal connections between families and loved ones to still be there, you can still visit your loved one if they are in the comfort of their own home.

So, if you or a loved one is need of care and support at home, then please don’t feel as though you haven’t got any options, we are here to help, the best way we can, by:

Providing the highest standard of expert care for the people we look after, giving them, their family and loved one’s peace of mind

David Haswell, Bluebird Care Newcastle, Director

David Haswell, Bluebird Care Newcastle, Director

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