Help to support an Elderly loved one during COVID-19

How Bluebird Care Newcastle can help support your loved one in their own home during the COVID-19 pandemic

What can you do when you or your loved one is stuck at home during the Coronavirus outbreak and has been advised to shield and or is in the Extremely Vulnerable category and has received a letter from their local GP/NHS?

This is a challenge that many a trying to overcome at the moment in these unprecedented times, fear not, you are not alone, here at Bluebird Care Newcastle we would like to share some tips as to how best care, support and ensure mental wellbeing during this challenging time.

How will you manage personal care or picking up groceries?

How will you manage the feelings of isolation and anxiety?

We have been told that staying at home reduces your chance of catching or spreading coronavirus. Your loved ones may find physical distancing especially difficult and isolating.


Make it Easier to Stay at Home

The safest place for us all and more importantly the elderly is often in their own homes. Professional Home Care Assistants help to make sure their customers’ needs are met.

For example, a Professional Home Care Assistants will help individuals to:

  • Stock up on supplies
  • Can assist with a shopping trip
  • Make sure the house is stocked with necessary over-the-counter medicines and supplies to treat fever and other virus or cold symptoms
  • Prepare healthy meals

Provide Company

People who live alone already are at risk for isolation and loneliness. Your loved one may feel anxious and disconnected from others during this uncertain time. If you can’t visit, a Professional Home Care Assistants can help your loved one get in touch -- and stay in touch -- with family and friends.


They can assist with a hobby, help with at-home exercises or set up ways to communicate with loved ones such as writing letters, phoning, or using video calls.

Protect and Reassure Your Loved One

Home Care Assistance caregivers are trained in recognizing the warning signs of illness. They are also taught how to prevent the spread of illness. All our staff have advanced training on infection control, as well as making sure they wear all appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including face masks

A Professional Home Care Assistants can assist your loved one with:

  • Identifying and reporting symptoms
  • Remembering to regularly wash hands
  • Reminding clients to cover a cough or sneeze
  • Effectively cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
  • Monitoring medications


Being alone during a time of uncertainty can lead to fear and anxiety. Your loved one needs to know that support is available. As a family carer, you are doing your best to meet the needs of those who depend on you while following safety recommendations.

Consider how home care from Bluebird Care Newcastle could help you and your loved one stay safe at home and give everyone peace of mind. If you would like to know more about how our award winning Home Care and Live-in Care could help please contact us on the form below.

Bluebird Care Newcastle is a home care company based in Newcastle, we have been recognised and awarded Overall Outstanding by our regulator Care Quality Commission (CQC)


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