Live-in care in Bromley

Our Home Care service is very successful in promoting independent living at home, however there is a limit to what can be safely achieved with intermittent daily visits.

For those who need more reassurance, or perhaps more support throughout the day, and for whom life at home will always be preferred to Residential Care, our locally managed Live-in Care service may be the answer.

Features & benefits of Live-in Care at home

  • Your own Personal Assistant (PA) – who lives with you in your home in a second bedroom; customers can prolong all the freedoms and comfort of life at home, including invaluable local social support networks. There is no set routine (mealtimes, visiting hours, “lights off”, etc) with which to fall in line – you call the shots!
  • Person-centred Care tailored to you – with your close input, we write a Care Plan tailored exclusively to you, making every effort to take into account your interests, abilities and social networks in order to enrich your life as much as possible (see our Live Life Your Way page). All our Care Plans are fully risk-assessed and written in line with Health & Safety and NICE best practice guidelines
  • We are a regulated Provider – many “self-employed” carers and the agencies supplying them are unregulated and therefore operating under the CQC’s radar. We are rated “Good”, our Location ID is 1-2246993108 and you can read our latest inspection report here.
  • Regular local supervision and support – our Live-in Care team, working out of the Bromley office only a few miles away, oversee all placements and pay regular visits to our customers to ensure Care Plans are being adhered to and remain relevant to their needs as they change (see our Homecare in Bromley page). This ensures that any potential issues are identified early so that preventative action can be taken before problems escalate. There is also the additional benefit that the local Day Care team is on hand as back up if needed (to cover sickness, family emergencies, etc)
  • Personal Assistants (PA’s) are our Employees – we employ all our staff ourselves, so unlike self-employed/"supply-only" services, our customers are not deemed “Employers” for legal or tax purposes and are thus not responsible for enrolling their carer in a pension scheme, or deducting PAYE/NI from wages and passing over to HMRC. Should your carer injure themselves – or yourself – whilst at work in your home, we have Employer’s and Public Liability insurance in place. We seek references, undertake criminal record checks, train our staff thoroughly prior to starting work and ensure their learning is refreshed annually: all recruitment and training compliance and administration is done by our local office
  • Comprehensive Care service – we offer daily visits and overnight care as well as live-in care. Whatever your care needs, we can support you fully throughout your journey so you are always dealing with familiar people who know you well. This also eli

How to find the right care for you or your relative

1. Find your local office

Bluebird Care delivers care from locally based offices, find yours to start your care journey today.

2. Get in touch with us

Fill in our call back form or give us a call to find out how we can help you.

3. Assessment

We’ll come out to you to find out what you or your loved one needs to help stay independent at home.

4. Care team chosen & care starts

You'll be cared for by our specially trained team to support you to remain at home for as long as possible.

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