Covid-19: Staying Safe and Well at Home

Here are a few ways to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing in these unprecedented times of social distancing and self-isolation.


Here are a few ways to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing in these unprecedented times of social distancing and self-isolation.

The Coronavirus/Covid-19 lock down has had huge impact on all our lives. While the UK’s amazing NHS staff, carers and other key workers put themselves on the front line to keep others safe, it’s up to everyone else to do their bit by staying at home. Self-isolation and social distancing have been big adjustments to make, but there are some things you can do to stay positive and well while confined at home.

Practice good hygiene

With the spread of the Covid-19 virus, cleaning and hygiene are on our minds more than ever. Not that we should become panicky or paranoid about cleanliness, though. We just need to be more aware of how viruses can spread and practice basic good hygiene. That means doing things like: using tissues to cough or sneeze into and then disposing of them, keeping surfaces and high-use items/areas clean and washing your hands regularly and properly - especially after blowing your nose or coughing, going to the toilet, moving between different environments and before you eat.

Stay hydrated and eat well

Your body needs the right fuel to stay in good shape and keep your immune system healthy. So,  eating a healthy balanced diet that includes fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, dairy and lean meat is a good plan. It’s perhaps not as easy as usual under current restrictions but it’s something to aim for if you can. Good hydration is also essential for keeping our bodies functioning properly and maintaining our immune defences, so don’t forget to drink frequently throughout the day.

Keep moving

When you’re stuck at home, it’s easy to become more sedentary, especially if you don’t have a garden or yard area. You can go out for a walk a day if you’re able to safely practice social distancing while you do so. If getting out isn’t an option, there are lots of home exercise routines you can find on the internet, like Sport England’s ‘Stay In Work Out’ campaign. Or you can devise your own way to keep yourself moving – even if it’s something as simple as walking up and down the stairs a few times or putting on your favourite tunes and having a dance.

Look after your mental health

Whether you’re home alone or sharing the house with others, being restricted to a confined space can naturally affect your mental health. And with the addition of all the worrying Coronavirus news we’re bombarded with every day, things can get really stressful. While you might want to stay up to date with developments, it’s a good idea to limit your exposure to rolling news and social media, especially just before bed. All that bad news can become overwhelming.

Embrace all the things that you enjoy and can do at home, whether it’s reading a book, playing a game, taking a bath, meditating or watching your favourite comedy box set. If you’re feeling isolated, why not try digital platforms where you can chat to friends and family face-to-face, or just pick up the phone? It’s important to try and stay connected. There are also mental health helplines where you can access support if you’re struggling to cope with things.

Staying healthy at home during the Covid-19 lockdown

While the current restrictions might be frustrating, we all have to play our part in supporting the NHS and slowing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It’s all about trying to make the best of a very challenging situation for all of us.

Our incredible care teams are still working hard in the community, helping vulnerable people across south-east London stay safe and well. The health and safety of our staff and customers is a priority for us and we’re staying up to date with all the latest official Coronavirus guidelines and developments.

If you have any questions about Bluebird Care Bromley’s homecare services at this difficult time, please contact our care team for more information, or visit our Covid-19 information page.