Investing in Technology

Why should Health and Social Care providers invest money now?

We are all very aware of the financial difficulties that are facing Health and Social Care providers. Local authorities are struggling to fund the increasing demand for care that is required for an ageing demographic with improved life expectancy. With local authorities having to cut back spending many private individuals are now having to fund their own care or to top up the funding they do receive.

With the increases in National Minimum Wage, travel costs and the introduction of the auto-enrolment pension scheme providers are seeing significant rises in payroll which comprises the vast majority of their costs. Margins are being squeezed so hard that some providers are failing and others will no longer consider working with their respective councils.

It may seem like a strange time to call for providers to invest and add further costs to their operations. Whilst external pressures on costs are somewhat out of our control, we can affect our own efficiency and achieve savings and improve the quality of care we provide through wise investment in some new technology.

There has been some exciting technological developments and you will not be surprised to learn that some of these advances include the use of mobile phones, tablets and cloud based systems. Bluebird Care, the UK’s leading provider of care and support in the home, chose everyLIFE Technologies’ cloud-based product ‘The PASSsystem’following a successful pilot scheme. Smart phones used by staff facilitate the real-time flow of information about the customer’s care plan from their home to office support staff. Updates such as tasks, nutrition, hydration and medication alerts are sent to office staff who in turn use this information to ensure customers continue to receive the very best care they need.

Sheree Jenman, Director of Bluebird Care Leeds North, said:

We are proud to say we are the first domiciliary care provider in Leeds to introduce the PASSsystem. By investing in this technology we are showing our commitment to all of our customers and also our care assistants. This is an outstanding leap forward and will truly make us stand out from the crowd.

Having real time information is such a great tool to have. For example, our care manager and supervisors will be able to view and amend any medication within minutes of being informed. Using mobile devices our care assistants know exactly what medication needs to be given and at what times. We can provide an improved service whist at the same time save time and money. This is the way ahead.


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