Why choose Bluebird Care Leeds North?

There are many reasons to choose Bluebird Care’s home care and live in care services in Leeds, we tell you about some of these reasons here.

Home care in Leeds

Our customers and their families receive great value for money

At Bluebird Care, quality matters to us and we believe that quality matters to our customers and their families. We go above and beyond being the most reliable and trusted home care service in Leeds by investing heavily in our teams, robust systems and resources. We’ll be honest, you will find that there are cheaper homecare providers in Leeds, however we guarantee excellent value for money with our services.

We explain in this section why investment back into our business ensures our customers experience the safest, most reliable and highest quality homecare delivered by well trained, supported, kind, caring professionals, who are paid fairly. We’re a mindful employer and we treat the people who work with us well, which in turn means we are able to provide excellent standards of care for our customers.

We understand that quality of care matters to our customers and their families

1. We use the latest technology to provide the safest service without compromising on our personal touch

Using technology to provide safe home care and live in care in Leeds

The safety of our customers and our team is our absolute priority, we utilise the latest software to enable us to keep people safe in our hands. We use electronic management software called the PASS System alongside software for rostering which we have invested significantly in as part of our continuous quality improvement and governance strategy.

This smart technology enables us to update customer care plans in real time to ensure that records are accurate and up to date.

The system provides built in controls which prevent us from ever having a missed visit.

2. We stay for the full duration of every visit and we monitor this

Call monitoring at Bluebird Care Leeds North

Customers and their families can be reassured that our home care visits last for the full duration, of course our customers can send their carers away early if they wish to but our carers never cut a visit short. We operate well managed rosters and we ensure our carers are never rushed. Our carers scan themselves in and out of customer’s homes using NFC tags and this provides an electronic time stamp and duration for each visit.

Our use of the PASS system has been commended by our regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in previous inspections and inspections of Bluebird Care offices across England.

3. You’ll have your own dedicated Customer Relations Manager for the lifetime of your service

From your very first conversation with a member of our team, you’ll find that we’re different to other home care providers. Every member of our team has been recruited not only for their expertise in social care but for their personal values. Our colleagues are kind and caring with a genuine interest in people and we hope you’ll feel this when you speak to us.

From the initial home visit, we take a genuine interest in our customers and their families, listening and learning about their unique personalities, history, talents and quirks as well as gaining an understanding of the support each person would like. We promote independence and dignity and you can trust us not to take over, but to be guided by our customers to create a personalised care plan.

Each customer has a dedicated Customer Relations Manager that they can contact to discuss aspects of their home care service, at any time. Customers may wish to make changes to their care plan, request particular carers they have formed a bond with and share any compliments, ideas or concerns. It’s important to us that we get it right for our customers so we provide many opportunities and touch points to ensure we listen and understand how our services are working for each person. Everyone in our team can support our customers, but we also know it’s nice to have a dedicated person just for you!

Excellent customer service at Bluebird Care in Leeds

4. We make sure our care is personalised and delivered just how our customers like it

We pride ourselves on knowing our customers well and adapting our style to suit each individual we support. Technology also helps us to do this and the PASS system goes one step further in that not only can it accurately record a customer’s visit, it also provides a check list of personalised tasks that customers and their families would like completing at each visit. This includes accurate records of any medication to be administered with a built-in medication record. Carers cannot log out of a visit at a customer’s home until they have completed agreed set tasks. This makes our service highly effective and safe because essential tasks are not missed. Any missed tasks trigger an alert, which office-based colleagues respond to promptly to understand the reasons and if necessary, ask the carer to complete before they leave a customer’s home. This provides extra assurances for customers and their families particularly when customers require support with eating, drinking, personal care and medication.

Personalised home care in Leeds

5. Customers and their loved ones can have remote access to our care planning system with "openPASS"

It can be a worrying time trusting a home care company to care for your loved ones. We understand this and with our customer’s consent, we’re able to provide customers and anyone of their choice to have remote 24/7 live access to the person's care plan and record of visits, through our "openPASS” portal". This access provides reassurance that the right care is taking place, at the right time and in the right way for each individual. We even have family members as far as New Zealand using this portal being reassured that their family member is being well cared for in Leeds.

 Reassurance for loved ones with openPASS at Bluebird Care Leeds North

6. Health and Wellbeing Checks with "Bluebird Care Assist"

 Health & Wellbeing Checks by Bluebird Care in Leeds

At Bluebird Care, we are the only home care provider in Leeds to provide a unique health and wellbeing check service called “Bluebird Care Assist”. This service comprises of a customer visit where vital sign readings are taken alongside completion of a general wellbeing questionnaire. Vital sign readings include six physiological measurements which comprise the National Early Warning Score (NEWS2).

  1. Respiratory rate
  2. Oxygen saturation
  3. Temperature
  4. Systolic blood pressure
  5. Heart rate
  6. Level of consciousness 

Health & Wellbeing Checks by Bluebird Care in Leeds

Readings are automatically stored in a secure electronic database to enable early detection of any deterioration in health and wellbeing. We can act promptly to carry out a check in response to concerns about the wellbeing of a customer, to enable us to share vital information with health professionals, enabling faster treatment.

We also offer this service as a stand-alone spot purchase or subscription service and it’s free with all our live in care packages. Find out more about how we’re helping our customers avoid hospital admission and access treatment quicker for common conditions such Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) in our dedicated health and wellbeing checks page here.

7. We love an opportunity to spoil our customers!

We take every opportunity to show our customers that we value them and find ways to make them feel special. We understand that health conditions and social isolation can have a negative impact of people’s wellbeing and we seek to put smiles on faces with our friendly carers at every visit. Additionally, we also commit to making special efforts at birthdays, Christmas and other cultural and religious festivals throughout the year to deliver treats wherever  we can, with the aim of sharing positivity and kindness.

Bluebird Care Leeds North going the extra mile for our customers

8. We do what we say we’ll do

This is an important part of our culture at Bluebird Care. We are open and honest about what we can offer. Our customer’s wishes are our priority and we advocate for our customers to enable them to stay in control of their own lives. Sadly, some homecare providers promise to meet their customers needs to take on the care package and once they have the business they will change visit times to suit the business needs rather than honouring their customer’s wishes. We only take on new customer care packages when we have checked that we can deliver the care our customers need at times to suit them.

Don’t just take our word for it….

Check it out for yourself by reading verified customer reviews. We have an excellent reputation in Leeds and the many verified customer reviews on trusted website such as homecare.co.uk, Working Feedback, Leeds Directory and Google demonstrate this. We work hard to be the home care provider and home care employer of choice in Leeds and are proud of our reviews. Remember to also check out our latest report from our last inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

5 star home care in Leeds 

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