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National Dementia Carer’s Day: Our Team’s Stories

Sunday 12th September is National Dementia Carer’s Day. To honour it, we talked to two Bluebirds about their experiences caring for people with the condition.


Enjoying Your Respite Care Break

If you look after a loved one, you could probably use a break – which is what our respite care service is here for. But how can carers make the most of respite care? We offer some options.


Help for Hep: Caring for Someone with Hepatitis

With World Hepatitis Day this month, we thought this was a great time to talk about the illness. So, if you’ve ever wondered ‘How can I care for someone with hepatitis’ - read on to find out.


Wellbeing Week: How to Stay Active as a Senior Citizen

Mental health means different things at different points in a person’s life. Here, we share tips to help older people support their mind by moving their body.


The Importance of Living Healthy and Staying Connected

After a year of lockdowns and enforced isolation, the benefits of being healthy and staying connected have never been more apparent.


Mental Health Matters

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we chatted to two Bluebird Care staff members about the challenges and importance of managing mental health on a daily basis.


Stress Awareness: From Coping to Thriving

Did you know that almost three quarters of adults have felt so stressed in the past year that they felt they weren’t able to cope?


Why I Care: Vicky’s Story

Our recently-promoted Senior Carer Vicky shares with us why she became a Bluebird and some of her favourite stories from her time with us so far.


Acts of Kindness: Our Carers Share Their Stories

To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week, we caught up with two experienced Bluebirds, who shared acts of kindness they’ve been a part of while caring for customers.


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