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What Makes a Great Carer?

Considering a career in care and want to know if you’d be a good fit? Here, we outline the key qualities that make a great carer.


Important Resources All Carers Should Know About

Ahead of Carers Week this June, we detail some important resources that unpaid carers looking after a loved one can use to get a little extra support.


Learning At Work Week: What Carers’ Training Looks Like

Thinking of switching to a career in care and wondering how carers are trained? In this post we pull back the curtain on our approach to carers’ training.


Why I Started Working in Care: Our Staff’s Stories

Wondering if working in care is for you? Here, two of our team talk about what led them into care roles, and share their experiences across the care industry.


Care Day: Young People in Care

To celebrate Care Day 2022, we look at the impact that caring from a young age can have on people and the different ways young carers can seek support.


National Storytelling Week: Brian’s Story

To celebrate National Storytelling Week, we sat down with one of our customers to hear about his amazing life in journalism. Read Brian’s incredible story here.


Our Christmas Care Stories

The holidays are wonderful for some but lonely for others. Here, two of our carers talk about how they make things magical for customers at Christmas time.


Six Myths About Social Care and the Real Truths Behind Them

Don’t believe everything you hear about being a care assistant. Here, we dispel six of the biggest myths about the care industry.


Our Take On The Social Care Crisis

Care in Britain is experiencing the greatest staffing crisis of our times. Here Bluebird Care team members explain the impacts – and how you could help.


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