Cost of Living: Part-Time Care Work Could Be an Answer

We talked with part-time Bluebird Care Assistant Nicky about how the flexibility of part-time care work benefits her and her family. Find out more here.


We talked with part-time Bluebird Care Assistant Nicky about how the flexibility of part-time care work benefits her and her family. Find out more here.

In a time where families are feeling the crunch of the cost of living crisis across the country, plenty of people are turning to part-time jobs to supplement their income.

It might surprise you to know, however, that some of those roles are part time care jobs!

Life as a care assistant might be thought of as all-encompassing, but here at Bluebird Care we actually offer part time care assistant jobs with hours that fit around your availability and your life.

We recently sat down with part-time Bluebird Care Assistant Nicky to discuss how that flexibility of part-time care work benefits her and her family.

Going full circle

“I first started working in care in around 2005,” says Nicky. “Back then I was a full-time carer. Then I became an NVQ assessor. Then I went to work in the offices at Bluebird Care.

Bluebird Care Assistant Nicky and her family

“I was with Bluebird Care full time for years before I had my children, then I went on maternity leave to have my son and didn’t go back. But recently I went back around April time as bank staff, working part time. So in a way I’ve kind of gone full circle!

“And you know, I’m glad I did. It’s made such a difference to my life in so many ways.”

Asked what led her back to care, it’s clear that family is at the very heart of every decision Nicky makes.

“My daughter is going to school in September and I needed something where I could work around that,” she explains. “That’s why I went back into care – the flexibility was really important. Because I do bank hours I tell Bluebird Care when I’m free and that seems to be working out really well for us. I give them the dates I can work and if they have anything they book me in. It’s really that simple!

“It’s a bit of a top-up really. On a financial side we want to do up our garden to enjoy it with the kids, and just have a bit of a nicer more enjoyable life really. For instance, we’re surprising my son to for his birthday and taking him to Legoland. So the things the extra money is allowing us to do are making a big difference.

A spiritual top-up

The benefits are far more than financial though, Nicky is keen to point out.

“It’s also a bit of a spiritual top-up, too!” she smiles. “I didn’t realise how much I missed caring if I’m honest. Once I went back I thought ‘wow, I absolutely love this!’

“It’s the interaction with the people I look after. I love being a mum, but I missed having something else that was just mine, where I was making a difference in a different way. Being a care assistant gives me that.”

“The people I look after are mainly elderly with Alzheimer’s or dementia, but there are people with physical disabilities too rather than a mental one. And spending time with them just makes the time goes so quickly. I love being out there.

Work that works around you

So what kinds of working hours does she enjoy?

“I work weekends and I can go out as soon as my husband is back from work,” says Nicky. “My daughter is at nursery so as soon as she’s at school I might start doing some lunchtimes too. And I know that Bluebird Care will be open to that if I tell them I have more availability, that’s another brilliant thing about the flexibility you have as a part-time care worker.

“Overall I do about two to three days a week, from 6pm until about 10pm. So my husband gets in about 5.30pm and then I’m straight out. It’s time I’d otherwise just spend sat in front of the TV and eating things I shouldn’t be – so it’s helping my diet as well and getting my steps up too,” she laughs.

A care assistant kneels before an elderly woman

“Honestly, it fits around my life so well,” she continues. I just feel I should’ve made this decision a long time ago. It takes the financial pressure off my husband as well. He’s self-employed, and especially in the middle of a cost of living crisis, I think he feels like he has to provide the money. So it takes the burden off him a little bit and just made things that little bit easier for all of us.

I’m so glad I came back to care as a part-time care assistant. I’m really enjoying it, it helps my family, and I love spending time with the customers. I just love it. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in years.”

Looking for a part-time job that’s rewarding in every way?

Whether you have a background in care or you’re simply a kind, compassionate person who’s always wondered about life in the care industry, life as a Bluebird on bank hours could be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

At Bluebird Care we offer a full suite of training, incredible support from our team of carers and office staff, and can promise you’ll make memories with your customers that will last a lifetime – no matter how many hours you’re able to do.

If you’ve been looking up part-time health and social care jobs and feel ready to take the plunge, visit our Bluebird Gosport careers page to learn more about the benefits of life as a care assistant, or get in touch to tell us about your situation.


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