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At Bluebird Care Gosport we offer a personal, professional service to you and your family. We are determined to deliver the best possible care for every single person and are delighted when we receive positive feedback from our customers, their families and friends.

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Bluebird Care Gosport provide a first class service delivered by kind, well trained carers. They listen to our needs and always treat us with respect and understanding.

Bluebird Care Goport make me feel safe and all the carers are so friendly.

A flexible and adaptable care agency, who strive to ensure that the same few carers are involved. They always take the trouble to remeber preferred procedures and accomodate in challenging circumstances.

I am very glad I chose Bluebird Care Gosport to be my carers. People I chat to, are happy with it too.

The team is everything you could hope for when one of your family members needs care. From the moment I contacted them, almost 8 months ago, they have not only been professional, effective, organised and reliable; but they have been compassionate, generous, supportive, helpful and warm.

Bluebird Care Gosport is extremely good. My parents need care four times a day. The carers are always on time, friendly, helpful and do all that is asked of them. My parents have built up friendships with some of the carers as they look forward to them coming into help with all their daily needs. We could not manage without them.

I receive care from a bright, articulate, obliging young woman, who has a good sense of humour.

A very smooth organisation and administration. The carer is punctual, friendly and very competent. The carer obviously has a genuine interest in her 'patient'. Often performs extra tasks such as bringing in/putting out bins etc. Impressive overall.

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