Why I Started Working in Care: Our Staff’s Stories

Wondering if working in care is for you? Here, two of our team talk about what led them into care roles, and share their experiences across the care industry.


Wondering if working in care is for you? Here, two of our team talk about what led them into care roles, and share their experiences across the care industry.

Emma, Care Assistant

Bluebird Care Gosport Care Assistant Emma“When I was 21 years old my mom got breast cancer. I wasn’t working in care at the time, but I started looking after her when she went through chemotherapy, which made her very poorly. Sadly, 13 months after her diagnosis she passed away, so I then took my younger brother under my wing. He had learning disabilities, so I then found myself caring for and helping him.

“At the time my grandads on both sides were still alive. My dad’s dad ended up going blind, so I ended up doing a lot to help him. Then in 2014 my mom’s dad had a fall and broke his hip. He was put into a rehabilitation centre to learn to walk again. I was there with him most days until he came out, when I cared a lot for him. I also had a care package put in place with a care provider, which was my first experience of seeing a home support worker. I guess you could say it left a lasting impression on me!

“I’m now 40 and recently I moved from Surrey to Hampshire and had my little boy, who is now seven months old. I also have another boy who is seven years. I was working as a qualified nursery nurse before I moved, and after having my youngest I found I didn’t want to go back into childcare. Instead I wanted to do something for the older generation who needed some support to care for themselves at home.

“So, I started searching for home health care jobs online. And that was how I started working in care!

“I wasn’t with Bluebird Care at first. I moved here after three and a half years in the industry. I’m so glad I did. They’re incredibly understanding and, in my experience, they care for their customers and staff equally. I think I’m the only carer in the Gosport branch who has two small children, and there have been times where that’s meant I’ve had to leave urgently or haven’t been able to work at short notice. To be honest, my previous company weren’t always understanding of that. But Bluebird Care have always been incredibly flexible and supportive.

“I also love that there is training there if I want to do it. They don’t push you, but I know if I want to do my NVQ level three I have that option. I’ve put that on hold to focus on my little boy until he’s a little older, and they’re completely understanding of that. I was scared to leave my baby at such a young age and come back to work, but they’ve been great to me and they treat me like family. Sometimes I even take my little boy into the office to say hello and they absolutely adore him! It’s just those family values. I feel really at home there.

“The family feel also shows in the way the staff are with customers. I know in some care providers the office staff won’t go to see the customers. But at Bluebird Care Gosport, the office team will do the same thing as the home support workers when they’re needed. Our supervisors don’t expect us carers to do something they won’t do themselves. So, I know if I have any concerns, I can go to them and they’ll understand, because they’ve been where I am.

“If I was talking to someone in the position I was a few years ago, looking around at home health care jobs, I’d say give it a try! Speak to some carers and see what they tell you about it. Looking back, I didn’t have a clue when I started. But I love my job now, and I have to say, I absolutely love being a Bluebird.”

Shirley, Head of Care & Compliance

“Having worked for corporate companies for past twenty years, around a decade ago I was slightly upset to find myself redundant at the age of 50. My children had grown up and had children of their own. They didn't need me any more – so who did?

“That was really the crux of why I got into care. I wanted a change in career, but I wanted a career with a purpose. And so I started looking into life as a healthcare support worker.

“I was inspired to follow this path in particular due to observing care assistants care for my father-in-law. I loved the idea of caring for people in their own homes –especially if they lived alone.

“After researching online about home health care jobs I joined the health and social care sector in 2012. My care career journey started with another Bluebird Care franchise as a care assistant. Throughout the next nine years my journey took me through various positions: care assistant, supervisor, live-in carer, supervisor, trainer, recruiter, and deputy manager. After working as a healthcare support worker in so many guises, I finally became the registered manager of both Bluebird Care Gosport and Bluebird Care Worthing.

“Along the way I’ve learned there is so much more to home health care jobs than you might first think – and indeed, more the care industry as a whole! There is definitely a career in care for anyone who wants it.

“Throughout the past ten years I’ve trained and studied, learned from my peers and colleagues, and just as importantly I have had some incredibly memorable and emotional experiences that have seen me both also crying and laughing – and occasionally even crying with laughter!

“Every day working in care brings new challenges and new rewards. I enjoy being part of an incredibly dedicated and close-knit team who all believe wholeheartedly in what we are doing, which is exactly the reward I sought when I joined the industry ten years ago.

“I am so proud that as a team we are able to deliver an outstanding service ensuring that our customers can remain in their own homes. My only regret is wishing I’d chosen this career many years ago.

“Now approaching 60, I am happy and content in my role and hope that I can continue to provide an outstanding service over the next ten years. My focus now is on developing others who are interested in the industry so they can continue the great work that we do in the community. So if you’re reading this and you’re thinking about moving into a community care job yourself – we may end up chatting rather soon!”

Are you considering working in care?

With care companies across the country in need of fresh faces, there’s never been a time to consider becoming a home support worker of any kind.

See the posts below to get an even better feel for life as a Bluebird, and check out the available community care jobs in Gosport at our dedicated Bluebird Careers website.


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