A Fair Future For Our Care Assistants

We are taking the next steps at Bluebird Care to make sure our valued Care Assistants have a fair future in the realm of care…

We are taking the next steps at Bluebird Care to make sure our valued Care Assistants have a fair future in the realm of care…

The care industry often comes with numerous challenges, making it a constant uphill battle for employers like us. One of the primary struggles is finding qualified candidates that are fit for the role. The demand for care services is consistently high, driven by an aging population and increased need for home care support. This is why we are taking a stand to provide a fair future for our care assistants, so they can be paid for their efforts.

There is an ongoing stereotype within the care Industry, that workers are underpaid, overworked, and emotionally drained. Luckily at Bluebird Care we have a fair and person-centred approach to our Care Assistants, so they are paid for their hard work and efforts.

The job title ‘Care Worker’ has a perception across the media, the public and the misinformed of being a low skilled job, with very little importance. This cannot be further from the truth, it plays a vital and critical role in society and without the dedication of these people, there would be a national crisis

David Haswell, Director



The action we have taken

We understand that working in care is not always smooth sailing and constant so we therefore we are taking a stand to provide a fairer and more valued future.

We are providing a pay rise for our care assistants so that they are paid for their time and efforts. This is so we can pay our carers for their outstanding hard work and for going above and beyond. We, at Bluebird Care believe our carers are the frontline of the business, constantly making our customers smile, and this calls for a reward.

Our customers are the reason our care assistants can be paid for their outstanding efforts…


Having the correct values

With emphasis on providing a fair future for our care assistants, we make sure that it is a two-way street. We give back to our care assistants, but this comes with a few requirements.

We want our carers to…

  • Have the correct values to be a care assistant, this means to be kind, compassionate and to go above and beyond for our customer
  • Have a wide skill set and be willing to learn, and on go further training if offered
  • Have a relevant qualification or experience in the field of care
  • Have a desire to grow and learn, as we offer career development opportunities

Having the correct values and dedication allows our carers to provide the outstanding care we are known for.

Overall, we believe that offering a pay rise to our care assistants shows our commitment to ensuring they are valued.

We are taking a stand to ensure our care assistants have a fair future, follow our social media channels and share around, take a stand with us…

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