Home Care - A cost-effective alternative

Home care is a cost-effective alternative which offers a more personalised tailored service to a care home – it also has endless benefits for mental health and wellbeing.


Home Care - A cost-effective alternative

92% of us don’t want to go into a Care Home. Thankfully, Home Care is a cost-effective alternative which offers a more personalised tailored service to a care home – it also has endless benefits for mental health and wellbeing.

A recent survey conducted by YouGov on 2,058 adult members of the public in September 2020, shows that more than 9 out of 10 (92%) respondents aged 65 years and over agreed that ‘people would prefer to be supported at home, rather than in a care home’.

With figures like this is truly highlights the importance of staying in your own home, with familiar surroundings for as long as possible.


Home care and care homes - what’s the difference?

Although these two terms sound very similar and both offer the same end result, there is some considerable differences between the two. Aside from the obvious, that the care is carried out in different locations, there are a number of big differences to home care and care homes.

Home Care means exactly that, care in your own home for you or a loved one. It means you are surrounded by the things you love the most and the things you are most familiar with. This can have massive benefits when receiving care for things such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Home care is a 24hr service and it is suited to an individual’s needs, it can be as little as a 30 minute visit a week ranging to full time live-in care.

Care Homes are somewhere you move to to receive care. Away from your family home and most of the time in to a smaller space. It means moving in to an unfamiliar environment with people you don't know and living by a schedule which is not yours.


Home Care Care Home
Care in your own home with familiar surroundings

Move out of your family home and into an unfamiliar environment

Remain a part of your community

Not companionship based

Stay on your own schedule. You decide when you eat, sleep and what you watch on television

Follow a schedule which is not your own. Set meal times and have go to sleep at certain times

Continue to look after your much-loved pets

Leave your pets behind

See friends and family when you like and enjoy companionship.

Restricted times for seeing friends and family 

A personalised care service tailored to your needs and bespoke to you

Not one-to-one care. Instead, a team of carers look after a number of people


The advantages of Home Care

The advantages of home care include:

  • Remain independent – Losing independence is something we want to avoid at all costs. It can sometimes be the biggest worry when considering care options. Receiving Care at Home allows you to keep that independence that you already have. You are able to live to your own schedule, choose when to get up, eat, sleep, and socialise. Home care works around you your time.
  • Surroundings you are familiar with – Being surround by the things you are most familiar with makes you instantly at ease. It could be that favourite chair near the window, your own bed, your favourite mug or the neighbours they’ve known for years. 
  • Care personalised to you – A complete bespoke and  personalised care plan that is tailored to your needs as well as how you live your everyday life, so you can continue to live as you normally would but with that extra support when needed.
  • Health care in your own home – A personalised care plan can means it can be dedicated around your health. Home health care allows you to receive Recovery time is quicker, pain levels reduced, and most importantly the flexibility to recover at your own pace in familiar surroundings.
  • Stay in your community – Home Care gives the opportunity for you to continue to live in your community allowing your family and friends to be an integral part of your care.


We all want to live at home and in our community for as long as possible. There is nothing better than home comforts. At Bluebird Care Darlington we support our customers to remain independent in their own home for as long as possible. This has huge benefits on their physical health, mental health and wellbeing.

Supporting people in their own home benefits the individuals as well as their family, friends and neighbours. Care at home provides continuity and a familiar routine in your most familiar environment – your own home.


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If you or a loved one is need of care and support at home, then please don’t feel as though you haven’t got any options, we are here to help. 

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