Only a Care Worker

Only a Care Worker by David Haswell, Bluebird Care Newcastle, Director.

Only a Care Worker

The number of times I hear the phrase ‘I am only a care worker’ from current and prospective team members at Bluebird Care Darlington is frustrating. The job title ‘Care Worker’ has a perception across the media, the public and the misinformed of being a low skilled job, with very little importance. This cannot be further from the truth, it plays a vital and critical role in society and without the dedication of these people, there would be a national crisis. 


Care Worker

Yes, unfortunately there is a wide discrepancy in the level of service and support those working in care provide. You have the individuals who let’s be honest really don’t care, and see it as a paycheck, to those who see it as their calling in life and gain great joy and satisfaction in supporting the most vulnerable in life. In addition, you have companies who don’t provide the environment for the latter to be able to provide the support they so desperately want to give.

It is time that we start changing the narrative around these exceptional individuals, and give them the credit, the acknowledgement, and prestige they deserve, for the great work they do in providing good care at home and in the community.


Care Worker Duties 

With the right training, knowledge, competency, and support these staff really are care professionals, they are able to perform skilled tasks, such as:

  • Stoma Care
  • Catheter Care
  • Peg-Gastronomy Care
  • Tele Health Care
  • Administrate Medication
  • Airway Management and Tracheostomy Care
  • Palliative and End of Life Care


These are tasks that as recent as 5 years ago would have been solely done by a district nurse. The job has evolved and with that a great responsibility has been passed down from other Health Care Professionals. Our staff here at Bluebird Care Darlington take this in their stride, they go about their business in a very humble and diligent way, there sole purpose to ensure that our customers who we support at home, are able to live safely in the comfort of their own home.


by David Haswell, Bluebird Care Newcastle, Director.

David Haswell, Bluebird Care Newcastle, Director

David Haswell, Bluebird Care Newcastle, Director

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