The Benefits of Night Care

Do you feel vulnerable or need more support at night? Night care could be the answer. Here are some of the many benefits of using care at night services.


Do you feel vulnerable or need more support at night? Night care could be the answer. Here are some of the many benefits of using care at night services.

Many of us feel more vulnerable at night. It’s particularly true for people who live with mobility or health conditions. Getting ready for bed or moving in and out of bed during the night can be a big challenge and something many people may struggle to do alone. Living with pain or a disability can also often affect the quality of your sleep. For people who have difficulty getting a good night’s rest, night care is a practical option. Having someone providing overnight care gives you peace of mind that you have professional support whenever you need it.

Is all night care the same?

Generally, there are two kinds of nightcare – waking nights and sleeping nights.

  • Waking night care: this is where the carer is awake all night in case the person needs help. This may be the best solution if someone needs a lot of support and is awake frequently throughout the night. People with dementia often have waking night care to ensure their safety and comfort. Waking night carers will also often use the time in between assisting the person to quietly get on with household tasks that need doing, like the ironing.
  • Sleeping night care: here, the carer will sleep in the spare room and be on call for you should you need help. It’s a good option if you only need help infrequently during the night or if you want the reassurance of someone else being in the house with you overnight.

How can night care help me?

  • Reduce the risk of falls: most people will need to answer the call of nature at some point during the night, but this is a time when accidents can happen. When you’re sleepy you may be more unsteady on your feet and prone to taking a tumble. And if your lighting is too dim (or you don’t put the bright light on as it will wake you up too much) that adds an extra layer of risk. Having someone who can support you to move in and out of bed can significantly lower the chances of falling.
  • Sleep more soundly: when you’re worried or stressed, it inevitably affects the quality of your sleep. If you feel vulnerable when you’re alone at night, you won’t be able to drift off into a restful sleep. After a while, this can seriously impact both your physical and mental health. Whether you choose waking or sleep-in night care, having the reassurance of someone else being in the house can really improve your quality of sleep.
  • Give family carers a break: caring for someone can be exhausting, particularly if the person often wakes at night. When everyone is suffering from a lack of sleep it can affect relationships and cause extra stress. Whether it’s every night or just once a week, having a professional night carer to take over the responsibility can give everyone a much-needed break.
  • Peace of mind: knowing that someone is there to help overnight gives the person receiving care and their family peace of mind that they are safe and secure. Whether they need practical help to go to the bathroom or take medication or just some kindness and comfort in the small hours of the night, someone is there to support them when they need it most.

Care at night services in Bromley

At Bluebird Care Bromley, we look after customers around the clock. Whether you’d like companionship care, night care or 24-hour live-in care, we’re here to help. If you think you or a relative would benefit from care at night, get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and help you create a bespoke night care package that suits your individual requirements.