Bob's customer journey

Bob has recently celebrated his 8 years anniversary with Bluebird Care and we wanted to know how Bob has been supported over the past 8 years and what this has meant to him and his wife.

When looking for care in the beginning, why did you choose Bluebird?

I was discharged from hospital and came home with 6-week care from the start up team. My wife and I were given the care directory to look for long term care, as this was what I needed. We narrowed it down to two providers, Bluebird Care being one of them and we met with both providers. After the assessment we decided to go with Bluebird Care as they were able to accommodate my hospital appointments and also the district nurse we knew, and trusted said Bluebird Care was a good company and would recommend Bluebird Care.

When Alex Witten came out to complete the assessment, she did a wonderful job, reassured my wife and I, and presented Bluebird Care beautifully. We knew at this point I would be in good hands

What do you remember about the care 8 years ago?

8 years ago, my wife and I thought care would only be needed for 6 months but as I did not show signs of improvement, we continued having care from Bluebird Care. We remember meeting Caroline and Norah and they put us both at ease as soon as they started.

Can you tell me how the service has improved over the last 8 years?

When there is change with anything, you need time to adjust and over the last 8 years we have seen how the service we receive has improved by becoming more efficient and the timings of our visits has greatly improved and are rarely moved from my preferred times. The communication has always been good, but this has improved, and if carers are running late or if there is a change of carer we are always informed, which is very important to us, as we have a routine, and it is nice knowing who is coming to see us.

What is the most important aspect of the care that you receive from Bluebird?

The most importance aspect of my care, is the carer’s knowing my routine and having patience with me as my health changes.

How has having support from Bluebird Care benefitted you and Evelyn’s life?

Having care is essential for me and keeps me safe at home with my wife. Evelyn said “that being able to stay at home and knowing that Bob is in great hands has changed my life and would never be able to look after Bob the way Bluebird Care does”

What do you enjoy the most about the Bluebird care team?

I really enjoy how friendly, caring and able all the carers are. The office team keep us updated with changes and my care up to date with reviews. Bluebird Care go above and beyond for their customers and the carer’s are amazing.

We were very anxious when the pandemic started and we were reassured by Bluebird Care as they had all the correct PPE for the carers keeping them and us safe, they even went that extra step further by supplying all carers with thermometers. Another example of going above and beyond was when Alex came out to do our COVID tests as the situation was frightening and we were not sure how else we would be able to get tested.


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