Watch out for scams!

Fraudsters use scams to trick decent people out of their property, savings and cash. It’s easy to think that this won’t happen to you, until... it does.

Fraudsters can be extremely convincing. These ruthless criminals have developed many sophisticated ways to make you believe you can trust them. They will appear charming and helpful, offering you a wonderful service or product you simply cannot afford to be without! And, usually, at an amazingly reduced price!

Anyone one of us can be conned, however, research shows that older people are especially at risk. Fraudsters are likely to see them as:

  • Rich – Older people are the most likely demographic to own their own home, have a nest egg and have excellent credit
  • Polite - Growing up in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, people were raised to be polite and to trust others especially those who appear to have authority. This can make it difficult for them to say ‘no’ to a seemingly nice person or hang up the phone on a telemarketing scam
  • Isolated and unfamiliar with the cons of fraudsters – Older people are likely to be more isolated and to have less access to the internet and other sources of information about scams
  • Less robust - If an older person reports the crime, they often make poor witnesses. Con artists count on the fact that older people will not be able to supply enough information to investigators

People with learning disabilities are also at higher risk because they can be easily influenced. They may not have the capacity to ask the right questions and are more likely to take what they are being told at face value.


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