Meet the team

Claire Evans

Franchise Owner

Welcome to Bluebird Care for Lancaster and South Lakeland!  I am delighted to be directing premium care services in my home area.

My Role

My job as franchise owner is to make sure we provide our customers with precisely the care they want, the quality and value-for-money they expect, and in the way that they choose.  That means:

  • working with all our customers and their carers at a personal level to make sure we always get their care and support just right

  • recruiting the best staff, with the the right values and caring, "can-do" personalities 

  • investing in the training, skills and professional development of our staff, as well as offering terms and conditions commensurate with a high quality service.

  • developing effective and robust support systems that guarantee reliability and consistency of service to customers, whatever unforseen obstacles might get thrown in the way

  • always looking for ways we can innovate so as to continually improve on what we offer 

About Me

My professional background is in public policy and administration - I worked previously as a diplomat and more recently for Lancashire County Council in promoting transparent and accountable public services.  But I have always had a personal interest in care and caring, and in recent years have had lots of hands-on experience supporting close relatives who have dementia.  This drew me into volunteer work for Alzheimers Society, organising events such as Race2Remember and becoming a trained Dementia Friends Champion which is how I first came across Bluebird Care

The opportunity to develop my own care business as a member of Bluebird Care network, to bring together my passion for excellent care with my professional skills, and to create something special is hugely exciting.

In my "spare" time, I am married with four children.  I have lived in Lancaster for 10 years and am proud of the rich natural beauty and cultural heritage of the whole Morecambe Bay area.   My hobbies include politics, reading and sports - especially walking in the Bowland or Lakeland hills.


Uncompromising Dedication to Quality

Bluebird Care was established in 2004 by Paul and Lisa Tarsey who wanted to revolutionise how care at home services were provided, striving for the highest quality and valuing the role of the care worker.  They named the new business after Paul's boyhood hero Sir Donald Campbell and his famous "Bluebirds", as a tribute to Campbell's uncompromising and awe-inspiring dedication to achievement.  What an honour for me then that, not only am I part of a business network with such esteemable core values, but that the area I cover includes Campbell's very own Lake Coniston and houses full-sized replicas of the "Bluebirds" at Newby Bridge.  

Allison Freedman

Acting Care Manager

Allison's role as Acting Care Manager is to lead and oversee a safe and effective care service, making sure we never compromise on our quality commitment to our customers and their loved ones.  She is totally committed to our development as an exceptional home care service, where the person we are caring for is always at the centre of our focus.  

Allison has fulfilled a range of roles in both the public and private sector, but it is her career in care she loves most.  Making a positive difference to someone’s life, however small, is what makes her tick, so in addition to managing, Allison loves to get out into the field and deliver care herself.   She says she never wants to lose touch with what’s really important and that then motivates her to do the best she possibly can on the care management side.   She enjoys all aspects of what we do, but her particular areas of interest are end-of-life care and care for people with complex health conditions.  On end-of-life care, Allison says, “sad as it is, death is an experience that we all must go through.  But if I can be a part of easing someone’s progress at that stage and finding ways to celebrate  their life, this is hugely rewarding for me.”
Allison is continuing to develop her care career and has recently acheived her Level 3 Management.  In her spare time, Allison has developed quite a taste for adventure and may be spotted out kayaking on the River Lune or cantering over the Lakeland fells.  In quieter moments, she treasures time spent with her children and grandchildren having fun

Rachel Walsh

Coordinator & Senior Carer

Rachel’s purpose as Coordinator is to provide you with the right carers and at the right time.  In home care, this is easier said than done as there are so many different factors to consider, not least geography or ensuring continuous cover if a main carer is off sick.  Rachel’s strength is in her incredible work ethic and commitment to delivering the best possible results, often in very challenging circumstances. 
Rachel combines her Coordinator role with part time Senior Carer work, where she is out and about responding continuously to developments in customers' care needs, and ensuring that staff are well trained and well supported.  She finds that the customer contact and knowledge she gains as a Senior Carer helps hugely in designing the best possible rotas to meet peoples’ needs.
Rachel is the youngest member of our Management Team.  However, what she may lack in life experience is more than compensated for by her intelligence and her incredible natural talent as a carer. 

Jaz Naftel

Senior Carer

Jaz is passionate about providing person centred care: she says “no two customers are the same”. She will always listen to our customers to find the best possible outcome, and together ensure that their needs and wishes are met. As senior she is approachable, helpful and supportive: acting as mentor and coach to our Care Assistants.

Lisa Glover

Dementia Champion

Lisa’s role as Dementia Champion is to make sure our staff retain their high level of knowledge of the condition and the best approaches and techniques to support people living with it.  Having said that, everyone’s case is of course different as are the things that interest them.  So Lisa works with individuals and their families in identifying what works best for them and then advising her carer colleagues on what is needed.  Lisa focuses foremost on how we can help a person to maintain maximum independence, but she also drills down into the things that will spark their interest and positivity.   

Lisa says, “I love my job because I feel I am making a difference by bringing a positive outcome to someone’s day.”  
Outside of work, Lisa’s interests include trips in her campervan, bird-watching and all nature in general.

Andy Sharrod

Safe Moving & Handling Expert

Andy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all aspects and types of care. In addition to his role of  trusted Care Worker, he is our expert in Safe Moving and Handling. 

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