Meet The Team

Our team are amazing, they are patient, they are passionate, kind and caring. They are superheroes. 

Everyone who works in the health and social care sector are but ours really do have the cherry on the top. 

Why is that you may ask. 

It's because they are part of the Bluebird Care Edinburgh team. We offer premium quality home care and with that comes premium trained Care Assistants, no not Care Assistants, Care Experts. When you receive care from Bluebird Care Edinburgh, you are cared for experts. 

They've received in-house training on the Bluebird Care Way by our Learning & Development Manager, along with shadowing and a dedicated onboarding and support programme. 

Our management team strive for innovation, always looking for ways to continually update our premium home care. There is always room for improvement whether that is new processes, health, and wellbeing initiatives or even technology. No company should stand still and that is why we're continually taking feedback from our customers and team and shaping it into successful ways to move forward. 

We have a dedicated office team who are in place to create care plans, coordinate your care and support our team. Along with an amazing field team who go out in and every day providing the quality home care, supporting, and bringing smiles to each of our customers.

Jane Perry

Director of Bluebird Care Ayrshire, Edinburgh, and Glasgow South

Jane Perry started her home care journey with her husband, John back in 2008 when she purchased Bluebird Care Edinburgh. She has since opened offices in Glasgow South and Ayrshire.

Over the years, Jane has worked tirelessly to ensure she has a good team around her with the same passion for delivering high-quality, person-centric home care.

She got involved in the care sector as when she was looking for home care for her grandmother in Glasgow in 2008. She was appalled at the lack of knowledge, services, and general attitude of the companies she contacted. This set off a ‘light bulb’ moment.

After extensive research, she chose Bluebird Care as they shared her ethos of providing good old-fashioned service alongwith the ongoing support required to get her business up and running.

With Jane’s strong leadership together with her management team, she ensures that the interests and well-being of all customers and her team are met. Working with multidisciplinary teams and integrating with other leaders in the Social Care sector, Jane is as driven now as she ever was, to deliver the best, home care service possible.

Outside of work, Jane loves listening to music, good food and wine, spending time with her family and let’s not forget taking her dog (and best friend), Robbie for a walk on the beach.

John Perry

Director of Bluebird Care Ayrshire, Edinburgh, and Glasgow South

John has worked in customer facing roles for over 30 years as a Territory Manager with Tennent’s and other account management roles and is acutely aware of the importance of good customer service.

With John’s experience, you’ll normally find that he’s the first point of contact when someone is looking for care for themselves or a loved one. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about providing a quality customer service experience. He always takes the time to understand the customer’s needs, ensuring they have all the information required to make an informed decision of who cares for either themselves or a loved one.

Outside of work, John loves spending time with his family. He has 2 boys; Nick and Adam along with 2 granddaughters; Eva and Alyssa. He’s a long-suffering Hibs fan and a very competitive 8 handicap golfer. You’ll also find him listening to 70s & 80’s soul music.


Geraldine O'Reilly

Registered Care Manager for Bluebird Care Edinburgh

Geraldine joined the care sector at the age of seventeen as a Care Assistant in a private residential setting working alongside adults and children with learning disabilities. She worked there while attending University to complete my Honours degree in Applied Social Studies. After obtaining her qualification, she moved to Scotland from Ireland and joined the Care at Home sector and states she has never looked back.

As Registered Manager, Geraldine spends her time empowering her team, and always ensuring the quality and compliance remains high. She is passionate about delivering high-quality homecare service to people within the community and is honoured to be a part of the Bluebird Care team.

Outside of work, you will find Geraldine spending time with her family, returning to Ireland as often as she can, reading and yoga.

Cara Rogers

Supervisor for Bluebird Care Edinburgh

Cara has over 15 years experience over the past 15 years and with that brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to support our team and our customers. She loves getting to know different people and being able to make a difference through work. 

In her spare time she loves to go exploring with her Romanian rescue dog, Alexis. She loves to crochet and complete escape rooms, in fact she has completed escape rooms with her team in the US, Germany, France, Italy and the UK.

Ashley Duncan

Supervisor for Bluebird Care Edinburgh

Ashley has been in the care sector for 12 years. She started her journey as her middle daughter was premature and required a colostomy bag along with an NG tube for feeding and lots of extra support. Ashley was given training by the hospital so that she understood how to care for her daughter and her additional needs, she enjoyed this aspect, finding it extremely rewarding. 

She decided to join the care sector and began working in a nursing home as a Care Assistant whilst she did her SVQ 2 in 2015. With a wealth of experience, knowledge, and qualifications under her belt she is now working towards her SVQ 4.

In her spare time, she dedicates herself to looking after her 3-year-old cob (horse) and you'll often find her there every morning and evening. When she's not there, she's finding different activities to keep her kids entertained over the weekend.

Jennifer Gilmour

Supervisor for Bluebird Care Ayrshire

Jennifer joined the care sector during COVID when she was looking for a new challenge. She joined our team as a Care Assistant and received nothing but positive reviews at how amazing she was with our customers. She then moved into our Recruiter position to help us hire more amazing people Care Experts.

She has since developed her career even further and is now a supervisor, ensuring our team members are onboarded and supported, carrying out customer assessments and ensuring they get the highest quality care. Jennifer loves being able to get out into the community and see first-hand how she is making a difference.

In her free time, you’ll find her with her horses or dogs. When she’s not looking after them, she’s in the gym looking after her own health.

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