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5 Reasons Why Working in Care at Christmas is Magical

Christmas is a special time for millions of people across the UK, so let’s have a look at 5 reasons why working in care at Christmas is magical.


Seven Differences Between Live-In Care and Domiciliary Care

What is live-in care? How does it differ to our standard home care? And might you be cut out for life as a live-in carer? Learn more here.


Acts of Kindness: Jennie's Story

We talk to Bluebird Care assistant Jennie about people performing acts of kindness in care, and ask her to share her own acts of kindness stories.


What Type of People Work in Care?

Curious about a career in the care industry but not sure if your face would fit? You’d be surprised about the different types of people that work in care!


What Training Do Carers Receive?

If you’re considering becoming a carer and you’d like to know the kind of training you’d receive as a Bluebird, we’ve put together this post just for you.


Working in Care Homes vs Being A Home Carer

One of our home care assistants discusses the difference to working in care homes and home care based upon her personal experiences in each setting.


Self-Care Tips for Mental Health Awareness Week

With Mental Health Awareness Week fast approaching, we look at things to do to take care of yourself on a daily basis.


The Main Challenges of Dementia Care

Looking after a loved one with dementia? Learn about the challenges you may face as the condition progresses, and how you can get extra support when needed.


Caring For Someone With A Disability

Living with a disability can be incredibly challenging. However, so can caring for someone with a disability. Here we look at how to make life easier.


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