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Again I can’t stress enough how impressed I have been by your staff and their professionalism.   They have ‘overlapped’ with our other agency staff this week occasionally and one can tell the difference in standards!!  However – a decent routine is quietly getting there. You have been most kind and supportive – thank you"

We just want to thank you all for providing such wonderful support, kindness and understanding during my husband's recovery. I've not been as well as I would have liked and am having further diagnostic tests for two problems, so you really kept me going and you've all helped so willingly and cheerfully.

I rather dreaded somenone turining up each day, but I've actually looked forward to it. I've been spoilt with beds made and bathrooms cleaned - it's back to the marigolds and reality now!

We send you all good wishes and grateful thanks - and will hope to see you all again after my husbands next surgery. 

Thanks so much Louise to you, Becky, Michelle and Gemma for such a fab service. You recruit excellent people who are hard working and caring and I was lucky to find your service. 

I still have a lot of challenges to overcome but the flexibility of your service helped both J and myself. 

Please thank everyone for the fantastic work they do.

Thank you so much for your perfect response to my Aunt's fall yesterday. I was incredibly impressed with your care workers. To have her reach out to yourselves, and to the paramedics was marvellous.

I am also incredibly impressed by the care workers' willingness to go along, keep Auntie comfortable, and stay whilst the paramedics assessed her. When I looked at the detailed notes on her file today, and came to understand your actions, your kindness and care, I was really so pleased that we had engaged with Bluebird Care; this was exactly the level of support and caring that we aspire to give Auntie as she remains living her life independently in her home - even though the vascular dementia seems to be marching on. 

I would very much appreciate you passing along our sincere thanks and gratitude to the team.  I also want you to know how much we value your leadership of my Aunt's care. You are a lovely company, and your calmness and compassion is truly valued and really is enabling us to keep Auntie safe and cared for in her own home. You have some star players in your team for which we are very grateful!

Best wishes and thanks to all.

A big thank you to Jeanette and Martine, you took the time to make my mum look so lovely when she arrived. All the family were very pleased, we really appreciated it. 

Our beloved mother peacefully slipped away from us, she was very much loved by our family and friends. We are grateful for the kindness and warmth shown by the team at Bluebird Care Worthing. Thank you so much for your wonderful work and support. 

The outstanding care and comfort you gave my mother will last long in my family’s memory. The whole team, especially Jeanette and Debbie really made the last few years better for her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Whenever you are passing by our home, please drop in for a cuppa, the kettle will always be on for you. 

I am very grateful for all your help. All the carers have been excellent and very patient with Mum as she is getting very confused and is unable to remember much at all. 

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