5 Reasons Why Working in Care at Christmas is Magical

Christmas is a special time for millions of people across the UK, so let’s have a look at 5 reasons why working in care at Christmas is magical.


Christmas is a special time for millions of people across the UK, so let’s have a look at 5 reasons why working in care at Christmas is magical.

Working over Christmas is a strange idea to many people throughout the UK, but here at Bluebird Care Worthing, it’s part and parcel of what we do. It’s a magical time of year up and down the country, and there are so many reasons why being a part of a customer’s Christmas is extra special. So, with that in mind, we’ve narrowed it down to five reasons we think working in care over Christmas is such a privilege.

1. Make a difference to someone’s Christmas

It’s no secret that working in care is about building a trusting, supportive relationship with your customer, but one of the benefits of working in care during Christmas is that this takes it to another level.

Every year, many elderly people are at risk of spending Christmas alone, with Age UK finding that 1.5 million people feel lonelier at Christmas than any other time of year. As a Bluebird carer, you could help to counteract this by spending Christmas with those at the highest risk of isolation and loneliness.

You could help by doing something big for them like taking a them Christmas shopping or organising transport for them to visit friends and family, or something smaller and more intimate like helping them select and write Christmas cards to their nearest and dearest.

Either way, the chance to make a positive change in our customers’ lives is one of the reasons why working at Christmas can be magical.

2. Feel valued and wanted at Christmas

It’s not just our customers who love feeling cared for during the festive season. Everyone likes to feel wanted and appreciated, and carers are no different. Studies show that 24.1% of employees with low job satisfaction report that their general health is below average, so working in care over Christmas can offer job satisfaction when you need it the most.

Our carers’ Christmas stories show that working in care over the festive season helped them to feel better about themselves. Being the point of difference in someone else’s life helps them to feel more valued, and leaving a smile on their customer’s face is one of the best benefits of working in care during Christmas.

3. Forming a closer bond with those in our care

One of the things we think that working in care at Christmas can be magical is that it builds an even closer bond with those who need it the most. Not everyone we care for is alone at Christmas. Working through this period allows us to get to know the families and friends of our customers in a way that’s often not possible throughout the rest of the year when life can get in the way.

Often carers will participate in Christmas activities like family parties, local community gatherings, or even just sharing stories and memories over a cup of tea.

Being there for our customers and their families at Christmastime gives us an excellent opportunity to feel involved in their lives and for them to get to know us better. In the long term, this has a hugely positive impact as it builds on that existing bond of trust and support that is vital between families, carers and customers.

4. Flexible and accommodating working hours

The thought of spending Christmas away from your family might be something that makes working in care seem less attractive over the holiday season.

But, while it’s true that carers do have to work over Christmas, our management team work tirelessly to make sure that each and every staff member gets time to spend with their loved ones around their duties.

Finding a balance between delivering care and making sure that we all get time to relax and enjoy our own Christmases can be a challenge, but, being able to wind down and appreciate that you’ve made a colossal difference to someone’s day is just one of best reasons why working at Christmas can be magical.

5. It’s fun!

Maybe this one is a little subjective, but being able to sing carols, play party games and generally be a little bit silly is definitely an example of how working in care at Christmas can be magical.

While the everyday jobs in care still need to be completed, we’re supportive of carers taking that little bit of extra time to laugh and joke with their customers and, where possible, their friends and families too!

In many ways, it’s a chance to involve those we care for in our own fun Christmas traditions. So whether it’s pulling a cracker or playing a game of charades, letting your hair down and learning to love care work at Christmas is something we absolutely encourage!

Think you’d enjoy making a difference this Christmas?

If you like the sound of being the point of difference in the lives of those most in need this Christmas, head over to our careers page to see how to join our team. Alternatively, get in touch to learn more about what we do at Bluebird Care Worthing.


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