Why Live-in Care?

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is a 24-hour caregiver service tailored to each individual’s needs. It is suitable for anyone looking for long-term live-in care support in their own home, helping them maintain an independent lifestyle, or delivering a higher level of care than shorter care visits can provide.

Live-in care is the perfect alternative to a residential care home for people who don’t want to leave the familiar surroundings of their own home.

Short term live-in care or long-term live-in care can be provided based on the individual’s needs and for anyone who needs a high level of round the clock support.

As one of the top live-in care agencies in the south, we can provide full-time assistance to a range of customers with mental health and physical health challenges or for anyone in need of 24-hour caregiver services.

Who is live-in care for?


Live-in Care is suitable for:


People whose needs outgrow regular domiciliary/homecare visits.

As a persons’ requirements for home care services change, it may be that multiple domiciliary care visits per day no longer fulfil their needs. A Live-in care assistant can fit more flexibly around their daily routine, with the total reassurance of 24-hour caregiver service, while becoming a familiar face with whom they can build a strong relationship.


People at risk of falls

For elderly people or those with mobility issues, the risk of falling is a significant concern. Unlike scheduled home care visits, 24-hour live-in caregiver services provide reassurance that should a fall occur; help is quickly on hand.


People with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

24-hour live-in caregiver services are particularly popular with people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, enabling them to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home when it would otherwise be unsafe or impractical to do so.

Having a continuous, uninterrupted care presence can also help create a calm atmosphere, which minimises some of the confusion and distress that can be a side effect of dementia.



Our Worthing Elderly live-in care services can provide appropriate levels of care for one or both people in a couple. This can help reduce the pressure on the person requiring the least care, enabling them to stay together in their own home for as long as possible, without the stress of becoming a caregiver.

For many couples, care in your own home is also financially more beneficial than having to fund a residential care home place for someone, where the family home is still being occupied by the other.


Adults (18+) 

Live-in care isn’t just for elderly people; it can also be for any adult who struggles to maintain the independent lifestyle they want. For those living with physical disabilities or learning difficulties that need home health services, a live-in care assistant can help with social/companionship activities and personal care and medication prompting.

How to find the right care for you or your relative

1. Find your local office

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2. Get in touch with us

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3. Assessment

We’ll come out to you to find out what you or your loved one needs to help stay independent at home.

4. Care team chosen & care starts

You'll be cared for by our specially trained team to support you to remain at home for as long as possible.

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